As a Steemit member, and a major advocate for EOS based Trybe, I recently discovered a new Bitshares based platform called Whaleshares.

I am late to the Whaleshares party, but believe strongly in the plaform after reading the white paper, which you should read at the link: After reading this detailed and compelling white paper, I decided to signup for the service. I am less than a week in and am very happy. Whaleshares is a Bitshares based paid social media platform that looks and feels very similar to with some very real changes. Whaleshares is focused on community and project building, is very polite and more professional than and is more “long-term” focused.

Like Steemit, Whaleshares is by invite only, with approval given by Witnesses. Unlike Steemit, the process to signup is difficult and the time for approval was less than 24-hours.

Key differences from Steemit:

– Posts have 14-days to gain reward

– All rewards (WLS) are 100% powerup with no 50/50 option

– The tone of Whaleshares is polite and civil

– Rewards are much higher as the Whaleshares coin (WLS) is less valuable than STEEM

– Purchasing more Whaleshares for use on the platform is more difficult and requires a Bitshares account

– Signup for Whaleshares is much more difficult and faster than signup at Steemit

– Cross-posting is accepted and encouraged. Steemit members can post to and then head to Whaleshares to gain double from their work.

– No bid bots or delegation of your WLS

– Your full WLS coins are locked for 1-year. A certain percentage (50%) are available sooner than that, unlike Steemit’s 3-month power-down cycle. This is for the long term.

Key Takeaway:

As an investor in and fan of cryptocurrency social media sites, my goal is not got “get rich quick”, so the locked up WLS coins, 100% powerup and 14-day upvote payout cycle do not concern me. Whaleshares is a well-thought and reasoned project that I would encourage Steemit members to use and cross-post.

Follow me on and Whaleshares at @wstanley226 and @dominion01. Friend me on Trybe and I’ll friend you back.


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