Did you hear about the “genius” plan of the german economist Karsten Wendorff of Bundesbank? He basically wants to create a “solidarity bond” to pay off the Italian debt. This means in practice taking 20% or so of peoples net wealth and putting it into a “solidarity fund”. Perhaps it’s a bit more fair than European funds that buy Italian government bonds that are backed by us – other European countries and citizens. But ultimately all of these approaches are not only putting gasoline on the fire – but it shows that all governments, banks and the current system really can do is to keep robbing people and keep stealing from them. I don’t think most Italians nor europeans (nor anyone for that matter) had much to say about anything.


And while politics is becoming more polarised and we enter an era of more hate and more division between people, more people will see the true nature of what government and taxation really is. And also, more importantly, people will realise how they set us up against each other. I will not go too much into politics, but I believe politics is important to have at least some grasp on in order to realise the potential full impact of crypto. If these two things line up..it’s going to be a perfect storm.

To sum up politics, it has basically turned into a battle between rationality and feelings. Between those who want to protect their identity and culture, and those who only want to protect OTHER peoples cultures while radically wanting to change their own into “diversity”. Now, looking back in history, balkanisation and diversity when forced upon people has never worked out. When peoples incentives to come (mainly to the west) is economic and we narrow down the definitions of what a “refugee” is for example, we are in trouble. To “run away” from low paying jobs, or even no jobs at all is not a criteria to be accepted into another country. It never was. And it is quite obvious that the socialist leaning parties want voters, so of course they want to import those who will vote for them – namely those who want free stuff. Now, of course in the long run this wont work out. You incentivise immigration of people who’s main objective is to get free stuff. Not exactly asking to get productive honest people. The result will be increased taxes on those relatively fewer people who produce and worse government services. Thus forcing productive people and taxpayers to move to other areas/countries, leaving the poor (often left leaning) population and immigrants in a state worse than it was. This is pretty basic stuff. We see it all ready in the nordic countries. Sweden being the best example. 70% of all police wanting to quit because there is too much crime. Daily headlines of ghastly murders and rapes. Large growing number of swedish pensioners living in the streets etc. Just unthinkable things in the country that used to be perhaps the greatest country on earth. Now the native population is reduced to a “cultureless racist and privileged” heap of shit, while the politicians are doing their best to please their newly imported voting cattle. Of course, these are mainly the issues of the west. No one is forcing asian countries to import voting cattle from vastly different cultures. But they have their own issues with governments and their own problems within their own culture to deal with. But we share a common problem – governments and taxation.

How crypto can save us

Some people advocate UBI, but I don’t. I get it..it could work better than the current system. Absolutely. The welfare state is a huge mess which doesnt really help or improve anyones lives – rather on the contrary. But implementing a system that makes things 20% better is not really solving anything. And again..I want to emphasise that I do not ever blame individuals. I blame the system. I mean..you are forced into this system, your parents indoctrinate you, you go 12 years to government indoctrination camps and when you finally make it out beaten and bruised, suffering from anxiety and depression, of course you are entitled to use welfare. Here they are pointing a gun at you if you don’t pay up. It’s a very abusive system and it is not strange that a lot of people suffer emotionally and mentally. I’ve been down myself in my life.

But where crypto and blockchain comes in is that it is reforming the monetary system. It all ready shows us how it in many ways can work the same way as UBI can, but without the passive structure. UBI is about “everyone gets this sum each month, and if you want to, you can do some knitting or draw some paintings and discovery the true artist within yourself”, or some other bullshit. It is a backwards and antiquarian system they are thinking about. While crypto is able to give people passive incomes through things like staking and dividends, it also incentivise growth for the individual. Who do you think are mainly in crypto now? Smart young people who are tired of the abusive dead end system that we have. Education is inflated, robots are about to derka jerbs and we have to move over to a whole new economy. And crypto goes hand in hand with that idea. When your job is live streaming your gaming, staking some divs on betdice and mining some shitcoins with your power-pc or sharing shopping tips or whatever it is, you are working and contributing to value. Value is where people are. So instead of setting people up for failure with UBI, crypto demands ONE thing from you – it demands that you get obsessed! You learn, you grind, you hustle..because it is fun. And that’s how a new economy emerges.

I believe it is a perfect storm brewing. But we better not back off. Don’t let FUD and fear get to you. Stop watching the news, throw away your TV. Quit your dead end education. Stop watching these politically correct tv shows that are everywhere now. Put your mind into this new space, and you won’t be able to escape. And once we create an economy that people love and that people are involved with and invested in..thats when the interesting part begins. Imagine a cat trying to get out of a bath tub. That is our current economical system I believe.



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  1. sandwichbill

    Politicians keep relying on divide and rule to maintain power and I think party divisions are a bit of a myth. In the UK, they all drink together at the bars in parliament and go to the same dinner parties: they’re playing a game of who can get up the ladder and it’s all about them, not the electorate. I didn’t know Swedish pensioners were sleeping on the streets, that’s outrageous.

  2. SouthernCrossroads

    Very nice piece. I think you are absolutely correct. The power of crypto is the freedom it provides. People keep looking for a safety net for investing in crypto when crypto is the safety net for free individual expression and self determination. The problem is people assume freedom is easy, it’s not. Being free requires work and their is a chance for failure, but nothing is more satisfying than earning a living from a life you created and earned. A free man answers to nobody but his own failings.

    Crypto became strong when the community struggled together to build an idea we all believed in. It wasn’t until 2017 when crypto began its moon launch that institutional money began looking in crypto’s direction. That is when the bear market began, and I don’t think it will really end until we build our foundation on community and free though again.

    Walk away from institutional investment, be patient, and build as a community. If you want crypto to succeed you must reject the institutional answer and invest your own sweat and fortune in to the projects.

  3. Andrey

    The project impresses with its scale, judging by the data, the company intends to seriously.
    At the moment, a huge number of followers and partners, as well as the expansion of technical capabilities