Hello friends, its been a while i posted here on my blog, well that is due to some other pressing issues i had to attend to.

Am back now to gist you all about a new update in the cryptocurrency world, this morning i will be reviewing a new hybrid setup platform, its called “Belacam”


The need to monetise content has taken a new turn recently people are awake to the idea of earning something for their contribution on decentralized social platform, “Theb Big Four” has earned the reputation of their name because of the users, the users make the platform, the users also generate the revenue, but the users don’t share from the revenue, this a bit bullish by the platform owner/founding team and a cheat to the users who take their time and resources to give the platform the status it has..

Those who contribute meaningfully and raise the platform should be rewarded at least that is supposed to be the normal setting of things.


Belacam is the first direct competition with instagram in the sense that with every like on users pictures, they get rewarded with “Bela” the ecosystem currency of belacam which can be exchage for either btc, eth, or ltc. Its currently trading on mercatox, and coinex etc.

You see Belacam is building a platfprm which caters for its users and reward each users based on their contributions, i have been on the platform for a while testing things out and i must tell you, it has been an amazing experience so far, the roadmap the Belacam team is working on is truly encouraging and promising, the site is user friendly, easy to use, soon the app will be developed and launch.

The site is superbly easy to use just like “plug n play” the platform is still in Beta therefore the need for large user, so there is a bounty for referrer at the moment which new users can take advantage of, you can earn $1-$3 just by referring your friends to belacam.

Belcam recently released a news that users with the highest number of likes on their post will be rewarded from close to 100Bela and below, this is to encourage likes on each others pictures and to increase contribution to the platform.

Having gone through the platform and reading the faq and roadmap, like i pointed out earlier its a great project that i will like my friends to try out, it offers vast opportunities for individual and brands, there is just so many thing to be done on belacam..

 Remember one thing, on belacam, 1like is equal to 1Bela about $0.04 at the moment, it was more than that some weeks back but because of the state of the cryptocurrency market right now, its still doing well compare to some other alt.

Imagine you were able to get a 100+ likes on just one of your picture, do the calculation friends, its so awesome, so why wasting time join for free here and lets trend ourselves and belacam.

[Join Belacam for free here](https://www.belacam.com/ref/deeclown)

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Written and compiled by @deeclown Aug-18- 2018 All rights reserved

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