I’m writing these words while waiting for Ausra (@laputis on Steemit) to finish her classes and drive her to the doctors to get her medicine. I want to use my time efficiently and creatively so instead just surfing the phone I’m going to write about how I drew the comic yesterday. It was my entry for Artstorm contest and the theme was “Summer Flowers.”

Now it’s winter in Lithuania so it’s hard to imagine summer but still I wanted to make the best comic I could for this theme. I drew it yesterday evening while watching news on TV about teachers in Lithuania going on strike and among their demands were better pay, less students in their classrooms and respect for human beings in general.

I thought that summer flowers would obviously associate with Betsy or Victor so I didn’t want to go down the easy road. Instead, I chose Cornelius and Dietrich as two of the characters in this comic.

What could Cornelius do to make action seem more interesting and not just to stand there and say some dialogue? Well, the first idea that came to me was maybe he could water the flowers.

After I drew Cornelius among the flowers and watering them on the left, I needed to draw Dietrich too. I made him standing on his four paws with his tail looking similar to a lion’s. I didn’t know that at first but as Ausra pointed out to me it was obvious, wasn’t it?

So now what could Cornelius say to Dietrich about the flowers? Well, how about that they needed to let flowers drink first before they do. Very generous of Cornelius… He’s the one that is always thinking of others.

Now Dietrich should give a punchline. And to make punchlines stand out and be funny you have to write something unexpected, something like if the reader feels there should be thing A, Dietrich should say thing B or even C…

What could that be?

How about changing the game asking if we should let the flowers do something first which they don’t like doing. I mean they like drinking water so letting the flowers drink first is a generous act. But if they let flowers do something that they don’t want to do, then it’s funny…

What Dietrich dislikes the most?

At that moment I thought about myself. What don’t I like to do? I like doing dishes or pealing potatoes but I don’t get to do that too often. How about flossing the teeth?

It’s a burden which we have to do in order to keep up the hygiene of our teeth but it’s not something I would be excited to get out of bed for when I wake up in the morning.

So I let Dietrich say that maybe they should let the flowers floss the teeth first before they do which I think is funny for two reasons.

First, that it comes as a surprise after a generous statement of Cornelius and second, that in general the flowers… don’t floss teeth too often. In fact, they don’t even have teeth!

Oh and I have to finish this post now because Ausra is coming and we’re ready to drive.

I hope this silliness will put a smile on your face…

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