This is my first post on Trybe. Perhaps I can make it interesting enough to have it published, anyway I will give it a try. I started playing pool when I was in High School, I went to a pool hall with some friends and just tried one game couldn’t even use the cue, but I am kind of easy to get addicted in fact I think I tried one beer and became an alcoholic. Anyway after that day I was really enthusiastic about pool and I gave it all I could, I would be in that pool hall as soon as I could but I couldn’t improve my game.

But then in 1980 I went to Tegucigalpa the capital to continue studies at the national university, unfortunately I was more interested in pool and fun than studies, so I started going to a big very famous pool hall in that city, and ny perspective changed. I mean these guys used to play for what I considered was big money you know up to $25.00 per game, I wasn’t used to that and some of these guys were great players, I mean I believe after having watched a lot of TV tournaments that at least a few of them could have had a good chance at these tournaments.

Well I certainly improved my game and I was now playing for money and actually winning, even though I would occasionally go broke because I hadn’t sized up the opponent correctly, after a while in a matter of three games I would know whether I could beat someone or not, if the answer was no I just walked away. I never did become a complete hustler but I did most certainly win a lot more money than I lost, in fact after being in a drinking spout where I drank all my monthly allowance some guy gave me $0.50 (that is a 1 Lempira bill, the local currency) and I was able to make it through the month just by multiplying that money playing pool, so I think I did good.

I didn’t quite become a pro, I guess I would have fallen somewhere around the semi pro category, but I think I did enjoy the game a lot and I had a great time playing it. But eventually I got tired of playing, I go to a local pool hall every day now just to talk watch some games and then come back home, an unemployed person who no longer drinks and isn’t too sociable doesn’t have many options on what to do here, I just get home and get on my laptop.

As to a question I have seen about who is better a world class tournament player or a classical pool hustler, I think it depends on the venue, you play better at a place where you feel OK, but on a person to person basis I have seen better shots in common pool halls than in tournaments and I have never seen actual playing in say US pool halls where they play for a lot of money, I’d say hustlers are better and probably make more money.


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