Good morning Trybians 🙂

Yes I would like to start this post asking you a question that is the same one on my title…

Do you like walking? Have you ever consider the fact that doing it you could get paid?

Ok I am quite sure I have already you attention now 🙂  so lets talk a bit about a new project that is called Sweatcoin. This program works like Runtastic that is an app that is telling you how many steps you do and how many calories did you burn etc. Ok maybe sweatcoin is not that accurate but has a feature that everyone likes.

For example do you go to work by walk? Do you walk your pet daily (once or more)? Do you do jogging? Do you go out in town centre during night time to go to drink something with friends? Do you go at work by car but from the parking space and you work you do like 500 meters? Etc Etc

Yes guys all those stuff here will be taken in consideration because even if you don’t walk so much but you do some steps on daily bases… lets monetise those without having to invest a single cent.

When you download the app that you can find here and then the first thing you will see is

Is asking your name so you can add it on the app then will ask you permission to use the location in the way that can track the steps you do and if you really do it.

Just to clarify… there are people cheating and probably in the past they managed to get some reward but you can’t anymore now as it works well so if you cheat they realise it and will no take in consideration those steps 😉 (I am telling you for personal experience as I wanted to try to see if was working but just once and it didn’t work so don’t even try).

What can you do with this coins you will earn?

Lets start from the left side phone… on the top is 1.80 coins earned so far… and it si based on the 2000 steps done. Every step normally is like half meter therefore 500 mt walk is like about 1000 steps that in coin is about 0.95.

Looking the phone in the middle instead you can see what is in offer now and things change regularly and you can see that you can spend your coins to buy things…. more coins you have more important will be the actual gift you can claim. For instance…20k coins = 1k dollars that will be paid on your account.

What you can do is actually start using this app and you might be quite happy about it as you will make money easily 😉 You can even send some coins to your friend if you want 😉

As bad thing… this app sucks battery in a large quantitative as the GPS is always on! So this needs to be considered too. If you use a power bank than its ok you won’t have problem too 😉

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Some pictures are from google/original platform other are my own.

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  1. miti

    Molto interessante amico mio.. tra l’altro risolve il problema di actifit che gira sulla blockchain di steemit che è facilmente raggirabile. Invece con l’uso del localizzatore diventa una cosa seria (anche se a discapito della batteria).