It seems to me that there will be a big sell off very soon in the Stock Market.

I just have a feeling that Cryptos have been deliberately dropped in value simply for the corporates to move there money in.

It was only a couple of days ago that CNBC were saying that there were going to be big moves cryptos due to the signals we were seeing on Bitcoins charts.

It was as if they were trying to promote the crypto market. This encouraged many normal average working class people like ourselves to be start spreading the word on there YouTube channels that everything was going to be all fine. Then suddenly from know where a whale or someone within the corporate circle sold off 13 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin.

The price is slowly starting to go up again but It feels setup? By that I mean it is lined up with the dow losing nearly 1300 points, now if I had stocks I would definitely consider moving my overpriced stocks into the Crypto Market where the price has just been reduced by one of your Corporate friends.

Maybe this is just my way of thinking but it will be interesting to have some feedback from others and it will also be interesting to see if the price of Cryptos makes a big move again “upwards preferably” in the next few days. I doubt if there will be much movement over the weekend other than downwards as usual.

Please leave your thoughts with this blog and let me know what you think this random move downwards is all about.

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