Good morning/afternoon/evening/night all tryberians on all of the World!

Today is a great sunny day here but I have flu,fever and headache and I am at home in the bed.

Unfortunately my son could not participate the last BC summit which was on 1st-2nd of November on Malta because of there was some change at the company where he is working and his timetable modified too. This is the reason why I could not share any information about this event.


Yesterday evening I talked with him and he told me a short story and I will share with you the content of his story.

I am sure you know some start ups or applications which has prepaid card. One of them is Revolut ( ) which used by more than 2 million people. My son has a Revolut card too, he is a premium member.

He was a grocery store begining of this week and he bought some things.

He did it as his usual do, but this week when he paid with his card the cashier asked him : what would you like to pay fiat or crypto?

Alex was little bit amazed but he answered with big smile still with fiat.

I know his card include XRP and LTC and cashier’s question means Malta payment system identified this card and droped a choice which type would you like to use?

I know this is just a short news but nowdays when everybody talks about mass adoption good to know the test phrase has already started in the small countries like Malta.

I am very proud to my son because of he is one of early birds who obtained experience about transition between fiat and crypto.

I am sure the adoption is inevitable and it will happen step by step and soon time will come when we will use fiat and crypto parallel.

Please, if you have same experience or just heard about same situation in other country share with us in your comment below.



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    1. Atti Post author

      Hello @workin2005 I hope you are well. I hope so he is smart, but he is young and he made some big mistakes too. You can read them at his post, please check at @kisvex , he started to write about his crypto experience. Maybe you can give him some trading advice 🙂