You are living but the question is, do you exist?

Life at times can be confusing. We think of how as a youngster you are encouraged to do well at school and then go to college and pursue a career. Many follow this path but still feel empty and left with no purpose. The reason for this could be due to the fact that parents sometimes pressure their children into pursuing careers that will allow them to earn a lot of money but what parents don’t take into account is the child’s interests or passion. Parents usually want the best for their children, making sure that they don’t make the same mistakes or take hold of opportunities that they didn’t have when they were younger. However, working without a passion leads people to just carrying on with life with no real meaning or direction. People thus, “live for the weekends” and find themselves depressed and always in a dull mood.

Finding a passion goes deeper than what you “like”, it involves understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are and just overall being honest with yourself. You might like singing but you honestly might not be the best singer or entertainer due to the fact that you are naturally shy. So singing might not be the ideal career, however you might excel at teaching and can really explain things well especially to a younger audience, so an elementary teacher might be a better option instead of a singer.

There’s a common saying, “Find a job you love and you won’t have to work a day”, as cliché as that might sound, it’s very true.

Finding your passion will result in a rich meaningful life. Let’s take teaching for example. If your passion is teaching, perhaps on the weekends you could volunteer at a local orphanage and provide children with extra English lessons which will fulfill you even more.

So it’s definitely advisable to always strive to pursue a career that’s in line with your passion and speak to family and friends about how you feel and what you really want so that there’s no unnecessary pressure.

Life doesn’t need to be monotonous. Take hold of your life at a young age, find your passion so that you can have purpose and exist.

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