Wait did I miss it?

Your accolades I mean.

I’m sorry I heard you say those sweet words to me and even if I appreciate them so much, I don’t want to get used to them. They are great words and inspiring but I do not want to feel bad about myself the day you don’t give it.

Do not blame me, I have been there before. There is a feeling of entitlement everytime you do something, you just expect someone to give you a compliment. As good as compliments are, they can also limit you and put you in a fix if not handled correctly.

Accolades sometimes give you this feel of “arrival” even when you are still on a journey.

If you ask me, do I want some accolades?

Yes I do, but I don’t want to get used to it. There is the tendency that you won’t give it when I don’t do well, and you wouldn’t even want to tell me what to improve on.

Accolades can kill a talented person if they don’t work harder. Economics taught us that human wants are insatiable, that should give you an idea on how the human mind works. The accolades of today are the mediocrity of tomorrow.

If they praise you today, that good you did is only best for today. Tomorrow, they expect more.

So, accolades are fresh calls to improvement and self development. Don’t stay there, build further.

However, don’t base your performance on the accolades people give you, accolades will fade away because people change and to their acts towards you.

Get the accolades but don’t stop working and never feel bad when the accolades don’t come.

Original content written by me.

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