Quick tips….

Gather around.

If you think success is in a closet, come over here for a Selfie

#clickclick.. That was a good one.

We just got fooled by the ignorance of self thought. How possible to think that success is locked up somewhere in a box or wardrobe or locked anywhere.

Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. To think about success in a box is one crazy assumption when success is out there in the open.

I must point out though, that you can be in a box in the time of preparation for the success that is out there in the open. Rare is value.

Let me announce to you that we all have equal chances to success. Don’t be boxed in your mentality about success, it is not wrong if you box the process.

The future is not now, like some say. The future is yet to come, but we can prepare for what’s coming right where we are at the moment.

I see a future where people can do government and regulate the economy from their phones, right in the comfort of their homes. We don’t have that yet, but we are in the process of making it happen.

Let your success be self-inclusive in this world with evolving culture for change.

Take the right position for a blast coming very soon..

Thinking your products and services are only meant for the immediate community around you, is assuming success in a box. Think global, do global.

Most importantly, never let anyone talk your process down. Never put your world and aspirations and success story in anyone’s mouth.

Talk is cheap.

Keep working out your success story for the marketplace.

SUCCESS is never in a box. Don’t box it in your mind.

Original article written by me. You can check it out here: https://steemit.com/life/@phait/don-t-see-the-box-its-not-even-there

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