What a day it has been! I had intended to write a review of which gambling sites/tokens to invest in tomorrow, but today I really got the help I needed – so I decided to just write it right now.

What happened?

Basically one of the devs or community members of EOSeven (SVN) decided to exit scam. Who really knows what happened and why, and I don’t really think anyone knows atm. Either way, EOSeven is history. Unfortunately I am left holding some bags. But there are no tears as I of course am aware of the huge risk in these projects.

So I am going to rank the best betting sites. I am invested in all of them, so I am not particularly biased. Except that I do hold substantially more in Betdice than the others. And the number one project is..





– Great community (not sleepy admins or devs)

– Leaderboard, dividends, staking and generally great at updating

– Good UI and first mover (I know that EOSbetdice was first, but they have stagnated)

Right now you’re looking at around 1 EOS in dividends per day if you hold 100k tokens – give or take. The payout pool is a bit low right now, due to a development and whales and bots moving over to other platform because of incentive to mine (multiple returns)  But it is at least for now safe and sound and returns EOS.




– Good community and presence on Telegram. Listens to advice and treats people with respect. Good impression.

I had a good feeling about this one since its launch and I was right. They launched dividends with some crazy returns. Today I received several EOS in dividends per HOUR. It has slowed down a bit now due to whales moving to other platforms, but you’re looking at around 0,05EOS per hour per 10k tokens staked. 10k tokens are around 15 EOS so you’re looking at 0,33% divs per hour or 8% daily. So all your money back in 12 days if this continues. I think it might!




– Great UI, decent community and presence. Seems legit.

This is the latest game that has added dividends. Right now they are offering good mining rewards (7x) attracting the big whales liketerryfox who’s betting 130 EOS per bet. Keep in mind that these whales are manipulating the markets, buying and selling to themselves through proxy accounts. So don’t worry so much about price swings. Right now we are yielding around 15% daily dividend returns! That is crazy. I DOUBT that will continue, but we will see.




– Not much drama

This project has not been subjected to much drama or hype. They are the one with Jacks of better which is quite fun. Staking function is under construction and they are adding Baccarat and Blacjack. Price has been stable as well.

These are my strongest bets right now. I got some runner ups as well.

EOSluckyme – who are projeting insane div payouts – 0,3EOS per 10K staked tokens. They told me that was conservative. We’ll see.

Yum – A bit of a sleeper, but with sleek design and I think a had working team. This could very well be a good opportunity, but we will see.

Poker – Interesting, and I know they have some very dedicated followers. UI is certainly not what they are working the most on, so hopefully they are working on something else.

Let me know in the comments if you disagree or believe I have left out some great ones. We are of course waiting for the first mover of poker now, and if you are into staking these tokens, you should be owning and staking the ones that are most likely to implement p2p poker. Dividends from that will become huge.


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Disclaimer: This is not investing advice. I am not a professional. Just a regular guy talking about cryptocurrencies on the Internet. 


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  1. blackpanther

    That’s a good list indeed, my best investment in 2018 after EOS is betdice, giving hourly dividends in 5 different tokens and counting. I got smacked by SVN investment overnight 90% loss so i decided to double down on it, plan to ride it up until I get back my money- dollar cost averaging it. This is crypto, only the strong survive these bear attacks and scam artists

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Haha. I actually doubled down on SVN when it hit rock bottom..was like 5 EOS so I guess just a desperate bet. Its going to be interesting to see the future now as we are “settled” with dividends etc. Thanks for commenting!

      1. blackpanther

        Remember the top 0.01% SVN holders will receive extra bonus 100,000 SVN tokens tomorrow, the price may dump again after that. I don’t worry too much about the price drop of gambling tokens as long as they pay enough dividends in EOS. I’m a casino owner now. Thanks for the article

          1. blackpanther

            correction- they are airdropping 197 million SVN to the 0.01% holders. You can use eosflare to see the top holders of SVN with number of tokens and percentage. This info is on the telegram announcement channel

  2. blackpanther

    It seems I was wrong, SVN is a scam according to the Korean telegram channel they are trying to running away with the money in EOS, they have unstake their EOS and ready to go. A large sum of EOS was sent to binance. ECAF may have to get involved before the remaining staked EOS gets unstaked.

      1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

        I don’t think it was an exit scam. Reasons: 1) They did an airdrop, 2) The site is still running 3) The admins on telegram are answering lots of questions 4) They are preparing for the dividend payouts. The FUD that day when everyone was selling off was crazy was just panic selling. If they were going to exit scam why would they even be on the site? Why bother about airdrop? Why try and build back confidence with a buy back program for SVN? Wouldn’t you want to get out of there as fast as possible? Anyway, this is my opinion and I could be wrong. Please do your own research, this is not investment advice. Cheers! ian

  3. Nicholas

    Exit scams, exit scams everywhere… So boring 🙁
    I think, these guys simple stupids, and cant see, what is coming. If you make an exit scam, you can take the money once. But you do your work well, you can earn from it forever…
    When the next few years, the mass-adoption is arrive, this money, what can they stolen now, it will be small change…

  4. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Is an exit scam harder to do on the EOSIO blockchain? I think the Block Produces were able to block any transfers of the EOSeven developer’s account that was trying to exit scam. There is also ECAF (https://eoscorearbitration.io/). Correct me if I am wrong. If this were Bitcoin or ETH blockchain then the exit scam could happen very easy, but if the EOS community is watching closely and an account wants to exit scam do the Block Producers have the authority to stop the transfer funds? If so, the people who trash EOS saying it is not completely decentralized, I would argue this is a good example of having elected Block Produces if they can stop scams. Having said that, ALL of you who hold EOS must vote carefully for your choice of Block Producers.