The advent of innovative blockchain technology has opened wide range of opportunities in divers fields. Many organization are embracing it because it has features to decentralize a system, it is straightforward, dependable and solid. Again blockchain utilize perspicacious contracts to culminate a transaction in few minutes

Without hesitating much, a group of specialists (DRIVEHOLIC) intends to grasp blockchain innovation to build a decentralized commercial platform for conveyances. The most sizably voluminous advantage is that it emboldens an ecumenical trade which implicatively insinuates that no matter where you are be it Africa or Asia, you can buy your dream car from anyone in the world securely due to the blockchain decentralized (no authoritative control) and secured natures (heavily encrypted) and as a matter of fact if you’re not in the crypto world, then you’re still behind in terms of digital involution. Let us visit the projects website:


Driveholic platform empowers purchasing, offering and sales on a distributed premise.

The Driveholic will build a platform where individuals can purchase, sell or auction cars being incipient or utilized one from either private merchants or merchants anyplace on the planet with no constraints at all.

In Driveholic platform, their digital currency termed DRVH will be utilized, ergo individuals will transact at a low exchange rate and being assured of the security of their exchanges.

Driveholic will have the capacity to make a decentralized auto commercial center which will be effortlessly available to all Individuals regardless of their area.

Driveholic platform eliminate third party issue that always involve in transaction in a centralized system by utilizing astute contracts

The astute contract expelled intermediary and make individuals execute any deal within their selves and get guarante of exchange security and at a low charge.


This is an eminent project, its is very unique and has an abundance of promise. Driveholic is a game changer that has come to decentralise the convivial car emporium. It is a project that intends to provide gregarious profit for both the cars and the sellers and all trasactions will be visible in the system for credibility and transparency. Holders of the Driveholic tokens stands to gain more, since they will be charged 0% fees in the process of transaction and 0.01% for users of other cryptocurrencies, which is still very negligible. Fee is required to cover the Dapp sever cost

Driveholic sanctions you to buy and sell auctions and incipient used cars from private sellers or dealers, all over the world with most astronomically immense predicated e-commerce environment, you can be able to pay with cryptocurrency to get the car through the utilization of escrow. Buying and selling cars will be more convenient to transact but only on inhibited boarders

With keenly intellective contracts no middle man are needed for the transaction, there smarth contract base escrow with provide the buyer and seller a good and standard security to transact, and withal there will be fee for transactions with Driveholic token.

Token Distribution


90,000, 000 token will be Airdropped for genesis snapshot addresses

Name: Driveholic

Ticket: DRVH

Platform :Ethereum

Snapshot: Genesis








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