How would you like to create a paper wallet for ANY cryptocurrency that you may have in your portfolio? Yes, I said ANY cryptocurrency! How about if this service was FREE? Dropil is committed to expanding the cryptocurrency space and helping move towards mass adaption by providing a little bit extra. You can safely and securely store ANY user provided private and public keys for any cryptocurrency and generate a custom paper wallet! … WOW!!!

You will be able to create four types of wallets depending on your use and needs.  Creating a Dropil Paper wallet is simple and secure.  The following 4 steps is all you need to create a Dropil Parer wallet:

1) Select a Robot theme. You can select the Dex, Arthur or Max robot. This is only a theme and does not matter which type you select.

2) Next select the type of wallet you want to create:

  • You can create a paper wallet with a single private key QR code


  • You can create a paper wallet with a single public key QR code


  • You can create a paper wallet with multiple public key QR codes


  • You can create a paper wallet with multiple private key QR codes


3) Next select a currency and optionally generate a new key pair (public and private). Also select “This is a Gift” and this allows you to enter an amount field to let the recipient know the amount of currency you are gifting them and have loaded into the paper wallet.

4) Depending on your selected settings, your private and/or public keys will be displayed on this page. If you are using your own key pairs you would enter them now.

5) Last step you can “Download” your paper wallet and print it off and lock it up for safe keeping or you can select “Save in Dropil” and let Dropil keep it safe and secure for you!

The Dropil paper wallet will be released shortly. The Beta Testers of Dropil (including myself) have been testing the universal paper wallet’s functions and features. It is super easy to use, very intuitive, very secure with end-to-end encryption and you can generate and store as many paper wallets as you like. Great for on-boarding new cryptocurrency users and what an awesome stocking stuffer you have for Christmas!

One of the Dropil admins (Kirk) put together a very informative video explaining both Dropil Paper and the new Dropil Home page. View Kirk’s video for a more detailed explanation on Dropil Paper and Dropil Home:

Announcing Dropil Home and Dropil Paper Video:

As you can see Dropil is not just focusing on their own products (Dex, Max, Arthur, Insights, Paper) but also on products that promote and encourage the path to mass adoption of cryptocurrency. For more information about Dropil’s projects, products, services and Team click on one of the links below:

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Even though they are “encrypted”,,, it seems a little scary letting an online “homepage” or server having your PRIVATE KEYS…… I get the handing out the PAPER WALLET to your friends,,, but you could do this at home on your own printer off line….. Interesting though.