After Monsters, Slot Machines, Dice and much more, Futureschock arrives on Steemit with Drugwars, the new crypto platform manager game, really simple and intuitive, you just have to connect your account with Steemconnect for any purchases in the game and it’s done. As you may have guessed from the title, the game is about becoming drug bosses, as well as having to produce alcohol and weapons. Naturally all in a totally fun way, inspired by games well known and established for years. This game does not require particular skills, for now it is only possible to level up its buildings, the interaction between users will be implemented later, in reality it was implemented already at the beginning, but the programmers have found some problems and It was decided to abandon the battles between users to fix everything and return as soon as possible.

Personally in the past I have already played very similar games, starting from The Crims to Gladiatus up to the much more recent Boom Beach and Dawn of Titans, which I decided to abandon because after a while they required a lot of time and effort. Unlike those, Drugwars, will reward you in cryptocurrencies, you will receive daily Steem based on your daily drug production as a percentage of the total of all players, so in addition to having fun could turn out to be an investment. If you are interested you should register now because the waters are still calm, when the battles between players and the gang wars will start, it will become much more complicated and your efforts in the production of materials may not turn out to be more profitable!

For the occasion I made a video tutorial to try to explain the basics of the game and how to take the first steps in it. The video was made by me for Scorum Italia TV, which is part of the Scorum-Italia Witness program.

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  1. Candy Man

    Haven’t played it yet but a good buddy of mine makes around 10 steem per day from this, invested something like 30 on the first day I think. Wish I had times for games cause drug wars seems both fun and profitable!

  2. Zeus69

    Thanks @dexpartacus, I enjoy your descriptive way of writing, although Im not into gaming myself, thanks for sharing this post. Looks exciting if you enjoy gaming, Im sure it would be very contagious, if I had to start. πŸ˜‰
    Mark (Zeus69)

  3. Nicholas

    Pretty cool game, but i never played the original drugwars πŸ™‚ Its only one disadvantage, if you dont want to spned steem in the beginning, the growing is really slow, and your dividens are small.
    Of course, the small is more than the nothing, and every cents is worth money, but still πŸ™‚
    And in the first few days, what matter, its your chosing of the buildings, because if you choose the wrong way, hard to “fix” it, and takes time to overgrow the mistake.