Drugwars changes face, new graphics, new domain and finally the long-awaited battles between users, with lots of new types of fighters, such as the very funny and strong Big Mama on your left side! But she’s not alone, you will find also Rowdy, Super bouncer, Knifer, Gunman, Sniper, Hitman, Ninja and the amazing Bazooka guy together with the mercenary! A lot of new characters and game improvement for this game that has attracted a lot of attention on himself from a lot of Steemit users that are insane about it!

There were problems in battle’s regard, busted resources, disputes on the correctness of attack/defense scores and some other small bugs. It happens! The Futureshock team are working hard and constantly trying to give as much as possible to a demanding and enthusiastic community! All of this is absolutely not bad, thanks to the negative feedback the team will be able to make further improvements to the game. Let’s go slowly though, let’s give time to these intrepid guys to develop their project to the best, once we have finished completely we could pull conclusions about it, but without haste, as many projects related to cryptocurrencies there are some hitches along the way, the beauty is to emerge to the best! Several improvements for the site, slowly seems to be reaching the final version.

Very well done also the smartphones version, with a very similar graphics to an application, who knows if in the future will not be available on Google and Apple stores, it would certainly be an excellent option. Waiting for the wars between gangs let’s enjoy this new look that is very simple and intuitive. You have to keep up with the growth of your drug in order to receive higher daily rewards, which becomes increasingly difficult considering the high amount of players.

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    I see what you’re doing here – this is ‘temptation’ – I will not play this awesome sounding game that I would probably love! Or maybe just once, for a few hours? I could that, couldn’t like? Like going to the pub for ‘just one’.

  2. VG

    I’ve been having a good time playing. So far I am just building up my buildings and safe storage. Haven’t tried the battles since they enabled them again. Thanks for the update Dex!