The Dungeon Hunt game is live at last!

Within this week, I have managed to put the new TRYBE-EOS game “Dungeon Hunt” on the server and it is now ready to play.

For now it is on a free amazon server.

Below is a short video of the gameplay:

Also the game is listed in the Scatter web page thanks to Nathan James from Scatter.

The game is very basic at the moment

  • Login with Scatter
  • Select token to play ( EOS or TRYBE )
  • Select the hunting cost ( the bet )
  • For EOS, minimum bet is 0.1 EOS and maximum bet is 1 EOS
  • For TRYBEminimum bet is 10 TRYBE and maximum bet is 100 TRYBE
  • Choose a monster to hunt, rat, goblin orc,troll or dragon
  • Press roll
  • Accept the transfer and the dices will be rolled
  • If the total of 3 dices is more than the HP of the monster, it will be a win and you will get your hunting reward.

I plan to evolve this game in near future:

  • The monsters will defend and bite-back!
  • There will be 3 different character choices for the player
    • Warrior: HP standart and Attack Power as 3 dice total
    • Rogue:  HP -1 and Attack Power as 3 dice total +1
    • Priest: HP +1 adn Attack Power as 3 dice total -1
  • The player will attack with3 dices and the monsters will defend with 2 dices
  • The HP loss will be the difference of attack and defence dice totals
  • Then it will be the monsters turn to attack with 3 dices and player will defend with 2 dices
  • The win or loss will be to the one whose HP finishes first.

With this kind of a strategy addition, the game will be much far from a gambling game but it will be a luck involved D&D game.

This will not be all.

The game would go to a rogue-like dungeon game from here and I will really enjoy doing it.

Think that you will be in a dungeon, finding treasures, leveling your hero, fighting stronger monsters and earning tokens.

This will be the top point!

I would really appreciate any feed-back or reccomendations on the current game and the future plans.

Game link :

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Infosion

    Great game! You also created some nice GUI there with the dices, pictures, responsiveness and good sizes of everything. The game worked out very well for me. Everything wents through pretty fast and the results are all correct.
    Really well done!

    I like your plans for the future. Think these are good steps. Maybe you could add for some future future plans to be somehow able to play this with some people together. Like playing a pen and paper game with your group 🙂

    But for now I would do it like you said. Maybe start with a small dungeon and lots of 1 HP monsters and then slowly increase the abilities of players and monsters as the game progresses.

    Think this already a nice start with the three character choices and the abilities and monsters fighting back. Can’t wait to see your updates 🙂

    1. firedream Post author

      @infosion thank you very much for your comments! For GUI, you know it is mostly trial-retrial process until you find the good size.
      The most difficult part for me is, I dream of someting but when I don’t have enough experience to do it, I have to Google for hours to find a correct solution.
      For react, I am lucky because for most of the problems there is always someone who have asked the question before 🙂
      Let’s see together where this game will take me…

      1. Infosion

        Nice that you focussed on your idea and got through all these researches! I guess it’s always easy to get lost or giving up trying to create something like this. But think the result shows that ist was worth it already 🙂
        And it sounds like you did all of this on your own. Really impressing!
        Thx for mentioning react. This really sounds like some useful stuff which I should look into.
        Hehe yeah, I’m also curious … 🙂

          1. Infosion

            Okay, yeah can see from taking a short look into it that it might offer a lot! Seeing your results and reading about what you can do with it this really sounds worth spending some time in.
            Since the rise of all these new frameworks over the last years I was always struggling in which one I should really more look into.
            Now I think I have some reason and good plan to look into React seeing your results for example 🙂 Will give it a try, hopefully soon! Thanks for your suggestions