Would you like to sit back and have a steady stream of daily dividends which you can earn from a popular online casino?

Do you remember the days when the internet was gaining widespread public use in the early to mid-nineties? Soon after that, the online gambling space turned into a billion dollar industry and many people who got in early became overnight millionaires.

Bitcoin came about in 2009 with other ALT coins following.

Gambling was a realm where cryptocurrency use was pretty widespread even before its mainstream popularity — in 2013, it accounted for almost half of all Bitcoin transactions, some sources claim, and its volume of transactions is at least ten times as big as the one of the transactions on Silk Road and other illicit marketplaces. Last year, Bitcoin gamblers placed around 337 bets per second (!), wagering about 3 BTC each minute.

The total amount of BTC wagered since 2014 is estimated to have reached 3.7 million last year. And this even before the “industry” has come to light completely. And this is only BTC!

Without getting into it too much crypto casinos can function on the blockchain or off chain, It is important for a casino to have provably fair games with a small house edge.

EOS seems to be the block-chain most suited to on chain cryptocurrency gambling to fee-less transactions and near instant transaction speeds. It really improves drastically over Ethereum.A great many of the decentralized apps coming to the EOS ecosystem. The dice games are the most popular. Up until now, there have been very few that offered dividends, with Decent bet and Bitdice notably coming to mind. In the four months since EOS main net launched many of the most popular daaps are gambling smart contracts either games or casinos.

EOSBet; Betdice; EOS.Win; Fairdice; LuckyPlaza; ITEDice; and many more.A few pay dividends for holding native tokens on the EOS system. We will talk about a few of them that offer dividends, but in this article, we will focus on EOS.win who pay out dividends every 24hours. This is as far as we know the only casino smart contract paying every day as the regular business model is to pay quarterly.

The following is directly from the team at EOS.win


They have announced that they are working on other games as well which is important.The gaming experience is really good but we at PWWI are only looking at it and judging it on an opportunity to generate passive income for a long time. The biggest risk in investing in this would be if it can keep a large number of gamers coming and being regular users and keeping its portion of the market cap and courting new users As of this writing there are just over 1,500,000 tokens in circulation. The price on NEWDEX today was a low of 0.021 EOS and a high of .0378 EOS. At first, the only way to earn LUCKY tokens as with all the other dividend-paying coins was mining by gaming an interesting concept but as an investor not looking to gamble not a very efficient or attractive means of aquiring tokens. As far as we know this is the only token being openly traded in Newdex although other tokens are talking of listing tokens. Trading has been very robust and most of the times the spead isn’t too bad. The price predictably goes up and down depending on the size of the payout per token which will depend on house earnings and number of tokens available at the moment, The amount of dividends per token will likely continue downwards as more tokens are released but it’s important to note that although the tokens are trading freely in the open market the only way to generate new tokens is by gambling so that means if the number of tokens is rising sharply it means the volume of bets being placed is also increasing and once the 100,000,000 tokens have been released then the dividend payouts should be a lot more predictable and stable.

We would class this as a medium risk investment. The smart contract can be verified by anyone as far as we know it has not been audited but they do claim to be verified byEOS SPARK and SLOW MIST. We have not independently verified it and as such can’t guarantee 100% there is no risk but the contract is available for anyone to check, please use due diligence. The greatest risk we would say is keeping a large number of daily users and maintaining and gaining market share amongst competitors as without players dividends would greatly decrease. As a gaming site we give it 8.5/10 and as a passive income source a 9/10

EOS.WIN website:  https://eos.win/i/guydgobwguge

Rules:  http://docs.eos.win/web/viewer.html?file=eoswin_rules_en_v2.0.pdf

Trade LUCKY tokens:  https://newdex.io/trade/LUCKY_EOS

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    1. Craig Post author

      They charge 0.5% of the total number of LUCKY tokens you posses.I included the link to the official rules of how it works.But I don’t know if you are aware that the tokens are put back in the pot and they will now be paying dividends in other tokens including LUCKY every time you claim.For example as I write this if you own 1000 lucky tokens and went to claim dividends you would pay 5 LUCKY tokens but would receive 29 LUCK tokens as dividend payments which is in addition to the EOS and other tokens.This is not in place yet but it should take effect any day.If it were not for that I would agree completely,In fact the change was implemented after many people were complaining so it shows that they take their users and investors feelings into consideration.