With the newest revolution well underway, it can sometimes be exhausting trying to keep on top of all the new projects and tokens being released, which ones are being forked, are they actually building anything, would anyone actually want to use this, does it solve a problem, and the numerous other questions you have to constantly ask about every project you look at.

Well i’m here to hopefully help point you in the right direction.

Up until now, most people have been focused on owning bitcoin and building on ethereum, but that suddenly changed this year with the launch of EOS and the various highly lucrative projects that have already been built on it, Trybe being a prime example for one of them. Simply by participating and staking the tokens (not selling them for a period of time) you can create a passive income (be it in crypto currencies) that have not only speculative value, but i believe, real future value. Only time will tell!

That brings me to your next free income stream- PRESEARCH

Although PRE is an ERC20 Token, it an be easily traded in to EOS on a number of exchanges (Or BTC and ETH if that’s your thing) but they seemto be doing all the right things when it comes to user adoption, similar to the EOS Dapps coming out 🙂 You never know they may convert…?

PreSearch uses Google by default and you can also select from almost any other search engine or website, such as facebook, trybe, etherscan, and more

All you have to do is use there search engine and earn 0.25 PRE tokens for each search, up to 8 tokens a day (Current value in around 0.035c ATH=0.81c)


Alternatively you can can download the chrome browser extension and you will automatically search google using the presearch search bar. you literally have to do nothing different to what you do now and you get paid. (Get Started Here)

As we all know there is no better time to accumulate than when your in a bear or flat market., so i’s time to work smart.

Plus they do have a referral program if your up for going the extra mile to accumulate before the next bull run! 😀

Don’t waste anymore of those searches paying google and get paid yourself for them.


I myself only recently started using it and am having no issues, and feel it is not interrupting my searches, if anything it can sometimes help when you want to search a specific site like Etherscan or twitter (Speeds up the process) .

Have you been using PreSearch or anything similar, then let me know how you’ve been getting on with it, in the comments. I’d love to hear what you think. Alternatively if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask below.

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