Crypto currency is one of the assets for the holders or owners so that everyone wants the assets they possess can always ensure their security. One of the most common things is theft of passwords or private key wallets, so that crypto currency assets can be lost.

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So is the case with EOS which is one of the crypto currencies. The easiest way to identify asset theft is to always be able to monitor transactions caused by the account owned. For EOS holders for now it will be very easy to monitor account transactions using the EOSAuthority. By using EOSAuthority , every time a transaction or activity occurs on the account, the owner will be given a notification via telegram or e-mail.

Through this post I will try to give a short tutorial for using EOSAuthority in monitoring accounts. Hopefully after reading this article will provide benefits for EOS account owners in maintaining assets that have been owned. The following are the steps that must be taken to carry out monitoring through the EOSAuthority.

The first thing to do is access the EOSAuthority page at or you can click here . Then the display will appear as shown below.

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Next, scroll to the bottom of the EOSAuthority page , until the Get alerted for EOS account activity menu appears.

Please tap or click on the menu, then a page will appear as shown by the following image:

To get transaction notifications via the Telegram application, please tap or click on the Telegram Bot menu . Then a confirmation will appear to add the EOS Authority Account Alert Telegram Bot . Please select the language used and add the account account name to be monitored.

After the EOS account name is successfully added, for the next time every activity occurs on the account a notification will appear via the Telegram application. The following are examples of notifications that appear on Telegram when I claim the results of the Power UP Karma token.

For EOS account owners who do not want to monitor account activity via Telegram, EOSAuthority also provides notification options via email. Those who want to use e-mail to receive notifications can do so by entering the name of the EOS account and the e-mail address to which the notification is sent.

The following is a notification display sent in e-mail form by EOSAuthority when an activity occurs on an EOS account that is monitored.

I personally activate both notification options via Telegram or Email, this I do with consideration as an anticipatory action if one of the notification features does not work then I can still get notifications from other options. For example, if at any time the Telegram bot is in trouble, I will still get a notification via email.


Monitoring through the EOSAuthority application is very safe because to do a monitor does not require a private key and for this monitoring service by EOSAuthority is provided free of charge without any charge.

Based on my experience using EOSAuthority to monitor accounts, the notifications sent are always realtime so that each account activity can be immediately known.

So post about how to monitor EOS accounts through EOSAuthority, hopefully providing benefits for those who need them.


Note: This post is a translation of the original post Cara Mudah Monitoring Akun EOS Dengan Menggunakan “EOSAuthority” 

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  1. CryptoBiker

    Great post! Everyone who has EOS should sign up. I did when it was released, and soon found in a panic when I got my first notification, it was spam , phew!! and I got. 0.0001 EOS, I did wonder if that could be worth a lot in a few years.