Today, I would like to introduce 5 coins and ICOs with good potential in the long run. They also offer mining facilities. I believe that it will benefit investors in the medium and long term. Proper investment and patience will surely win. Especially in the long term, the patience of the investor is definitely profitable. Now, let’s look at our options

1- Haven Protocol (XHV)

Ten days ago, XHV was US $ 1.86 and today it reaches $ 3. An ecosystem of multi-currency bank accounts for everyone.

2- ONAM Change ICO

ONAM is a solid choice. ONAM Exchange is a high-performance, regulatory compliance, trading platform that utilizes a system that is powered by a system that is powered by a system.

3-Cloaking Network (CCX)

A centralized banking (Private, Safe and Unbearable) sounds impressive. Concealed Network is a decentralized banking platform with its privacy-protected crypto currency and encrypted messaging service.

Cloaking is based on the krypton protocol and works on a secure peer-to-peer network that is accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world, regardless of geographic location or situation.

Concealing is open source, community driven, and completely decentralized. If anyone does not, anyone can participate. We are a private company, not a collection of individuals. We are not financed by any capital or ICO. Continuous research and development is supported only by an initial premium (6% of the maximum supply, as explained by the consensus of the community).

4- Iridium (IRD)

Iridium yon a crypto medallion with low availability, high availability, best-in-class security, and an anonymous, privacy-friendly, highly chopped crypto medallion with an enthusiastic community. I

5- Graft (GRFT)

Ediy GRAFT represents the short, at the same time, new inoculation for new global real-time authorizations and fund transfers.

The GRAFT Blockchain is based on the idea that the payment industry can take advantage of the democratization of blockchain technology, but when the right technologies are combined and combined with accepted industrial workflows and systems.


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