Beware the hand of decentralization. We must not rob the corporate genetic communities right to use our DNA as they wish. They have done us a favor by gracing us with the technology to know our inner neanderthal and we should not bite the hand that feeds.

EDNA seeks to change all this. They will disrupt the whole industry with their evil decentralized ways. No longer will they collect personal data to sell to the highest bidder without consent, and they plan on sharing the profits with the community! What is this nonsense. How can corporations thrive without taking advantage of the little guy or gal??

We must fight for the status quo! Do not buy EDNA! Even if it is extremely under valued at the moment! You must resist, the temptation of staking. Who cares if you get free coins just for hodling? We must resist! The corporations are depending on our support.

Decentralized Autonomous Communities are the downfall of society! No longer will the rich control the centralized world. Everyone gets a vote? The masses are unwashed and need guidance. How can we let them decide anything for themselves, not to mention cut us middlemen out of profits.

Please do everything in your power to stop EDNA. You have been warned.


This message is entirely satirical. Please do not consider it to be financial advice. 


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  1. EOSmastering

    Hehe. Was a little bit confused there for a second after just reading the headline. This is indeed a horrible project – as it will not benefit a select few corporations that are in bed with politicians. We cannot have this! Freedom is something horrible. War is peace and good is bad.

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