EDNA is a tokenized solution to human suffering. They are located out of Puerto Rico. It is an Eos based coin with a total supply of 1.3B max. There will be no inflation. Staked voting will have compensation benefits. It will feature two main branches, a DAC and sequencing services.


The FDA might be overly influenced by pharmaceuticals. It was founded by Rockefeller and Chase, who have controlling interest as shareholders of pharmaceuticals in the US. Pharmaceutical companies also provide funding to the FDA. The FDA won’t allow more than 10 of 49k known genetic diseases to be shared with the public. People are not allowed access to their own health information.


We get genetic information about an individual through genetic sequencing. Technology has advanced to a point where availability to read DNA can reach large numbers. Oxford Nanopore developed a device named PromethION that can sequence 48 sets of genes at a time. The process will use a saliva collection kit, which will be sent to the lab with public key or account name. The cost to purchase genetic sequencing is about $950. The founders of EDNA will serve as the starting sequencing business. They will encourage the DAC to fund the start of more sequencing businesses to enable a free market and to supply enough services.


Membership to the DAC is accomplished through genetic sequencing or through owning EDNA tokens. Voting will set everything. Including who provides services, and how the service funds are allocated to the provider. Users will be able to seek advice and choose research to share data with, sell data to, or fund. Everyone will always be able to choose to not participate in particular research.


It will be a major advancement for the world when EDNA’s Dapp allows people access to viewing their personal genetic history. The Dapp will have messaging boards and chat rooms for genetic variants. Genetic information related to health will be made available. Members will be able to contribute and profit from sharing genetic knowledge in the DAC. Genetic Counselors and Bio Hackers will be searchable for contact and service. Equipment, products and services will be available for purchase or order forms in app.


The DAC will process anonymous data by searching for variants. This may lead to mining opportunities for third parties. Anonymous genetic data could be mined to discover anomalies like geographically concentrated defects determined to result from toxic food, water, or other source. Various chromosomes could be chosen for comparison by correspondingly sized miners. Information can be recorded and reported on the blockchain.


Science that alters DNA is called CRISPR. It is the evolutionary defense mechanism first discovered in bacteria used to fight off viruses. With modification it can be set with precision to select any sequence of genes and turn them off, on, or replace them. It can accomplish this with more than one gene at a time. CRISPR works like scissors to cut out viral DNA and is set to target genes by inserting plasmids. When it cuts the string of DNA it activates or deactivates it depending on its previous state. There are thousands of applications for CRISPR. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Flu, HIV and more can be addressed and treated.


1B EDNA were airdropped 1:1 with Genesis Snapshot accounts. Users with less than 100 EOS needed to claim their EDNA. 292M were unclaimed by exchanges. Their use is not set and could be for promotion, education, supporters, burned or given to the DAC. 300M goes to founding team who will give 80.5% to the DAC when it reaches 5k DNA owning members.

Staked Voting

Compensation benefits will be paid out to staked voters. Interested researchers will be approved through opt in votes. The proceeds from the sale will be distributed as follows.

“Staked EDNA during sale of data to researchers: 1 to 1

Staked EDNA during sale of data to researchers + DNA on chain 2 to 1

Staked EDNA during sale of data to researchers + DNA on chain + DNA used for research 10 to 1”



EDNA will protect member data by using a privacy coin protection named tumbling. Blending, mixing, and shuffling are all ways to describe the process. Data will be tumbled 3M to the 5k power before recording to the blockchain. Encryption will remove ability to trace the path of information. It will be anonymously owned and secure. “The most secure and impenetrable use of the blockchain ever designed.”

Project Summary






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  1. Andrey

    Excellent work, that’s what I call the result of the work of professionals.
    The project gained momentum just lightning fast, and this is the merit of developers.
    Respect to you!