Electroneum is the first ever British cryptocurrency and is since a while widely known and has already proven itself. It is quite amazing because it is concentrated all into one mobile phone app and is winning by far in terms of ease-of-use for new people joining in on the Crypto movement. I’m not sure why it is, but British projects don’t really seem to get much attention compared to projects from other country’s abroad. I even share my home town in England with Electroneum and I feel more people should be getting involved as well – even if you are not interested in ETN as a serious crypto, at least advertise it as an Introduction to Crypto to help create mass adoption sooner.

Electroneum already has over 2million + registered users since it launched just over a year ago. It is the the first to offer its users an easy mining experience, which is normally a not so simple task as mining involves high spec computers to perform the tasks or even extra hardware which not just anyone can use. With the Electroneum app, with a few clicks and having the app running in the background, you start receiving electroneum coins in rewards.

The All-In-One App


The app consists of everything plus more of what a completely new user to cryptocurrencies would need. Even if Electroneum sizzles out to nothing, it has created the first app based cryptocurrency that even a child could use. This is the emphasis on Electroneum – the way it is designed for mass adoption.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ok, it is not a multi-wallet but exactly that, it is kept simple with just an ETN wallet, a live statistics page on the information of electroneum, a converter to check how much your balance is worth, and also links to take you to exchanges that are listing ETN coins. They have made account creation very easy and they allow every user to click a button and start earning free coin for having the miner turned on and left running in the background.

Depending on the device used as is with all mining tasks, it depends on usually the CPU of the device to the amount of crypto you will be mining. Basically said, the better the device, the more tasks it can perform and thus is capable of rewarding your device, more rewards. My phone is a very cheap one and I have been running the app for 6 weeks. I have a HTC Desire 12 and it gets around 30H/s which is getting me 10 ETN every 30 hours (I don’t leave 4G on overnight). The miner doesn’t take hardly any internet data, or battery of your phone, which is surprising to learn as usually it would consume a lot of electric power.

The App Interface

There was recently a problem with the app but is now fully up and running again after an updated version has now been released.

This is how the app looks when you have got an account and first open it, the only difference is that the STOP mining button will read START Mining and the Miner Status will be red and not green. To start getting free ETN, just click Start Mining! It is that simple and no this is not a joke!!

Before the update was needed there where over 130,000 miners after the recent bump back up in price whilst everything else was going red, and slowly its climbing back up as more hear of the new update and bug fixes.

Since starting this article there are already 1000 more people running the mining app 1.5 hours ago.


Before we go further, there has been a lot of confusion in he crypto space about the miner on the app and now its time to reveal the Big Secret!

The Miner on the app is actually just a simulation of a miner that is rewarding the users with real ETN coins. I’m sorry to say it but- It’s just a game  – and your smartphone isn’t powering a blockchain! But for people with no money to invest and already have internet access and a smartphone, they can start getting a decent cryptocurrency with no initial investment, and for doing nothing.

It certainly is a very good marketing strategy for the ETN company to get what they want achieved – billions of people using a mobile phone cryptocurrency. In India alone for one example there are 1.3 Billion people with phones, and a with much more stable internet than ever before. The current price at an average of 2cents, is great for playing a game on a smartphone.. 1 . 3 BILLION people.. that’s a lot of people !!

*I  was also wondering where all these free coins where coming from, and they came from a mining pool which was consisting of all the unsold coins before October in 2017.

The Wallet

The wallet (Left) on the other hand isn’t just a game, it is the official Electroneum wallet. Each time your device reaches 10 ETN, it will be added to your wallet with a time stamp so the user doesn’t have to worry or do anything there either. As I said, the better the device the more ETN you receive and here you see when the problem started for me, but since yesterday has been running smoothly.

There are just Pay (Send) and Receive, and by clicking Receive you will get your Public Address, that’s the one you will give to people for any payments they send you). If you have someones Public Address and want to send them ETN, then you would click Pay and enter the address or if in a face to face situation, you can use a QR code for convenience.

The Value Icon (Right) Is where you see the Stats, Calculator and the links to Exchanges listing ETN. In More there is just your email address and referral program.

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      1. Movingman Dan Post author

        Hi Yanika, great vibes mate hey theres not really a link to send as its done from the app, just get the and and choose ‘sign up via website’ , I got me referral code on the comments there.. Have a great day dude!

  1. Cryptoslice

    So i just dl the app. After linking facebook. Needing to create the worlds hardest password which i will never remember linking my phone number my email then it asked me for a second email which i dont have at this point i gave up. It shouldnt need my life story to have a crypto app.

    1. Movingman Dan Post author

      I think I signed up with the option a the bottom, “Sign up via the website”, I didn’t have to give much info, just an email for human confirmation and create a password. F*uck Facebook hahahaha 🙂 try it again mate, but this time on your phone, sign up through the website.. Good luck !