Recently everyone talking about emanate in every blockchain events, even eosio team posted an article saying “Sydney’s Emanate Determined to Create a New Musical Ecosystem”, Emanate is really a great project because of it’s features, As of now there is no other blockchain project that is offering these services to Artist as well as investor/user,  Emanate is bringing us Audio exchange protocol to music industry with a DAO governance, which will govern the entire Emanate eco-system. This is a best platform for music artists who are aspiring for a stage to put them self in the center of the globe. Artist can publish his/her music on a Decentralized emanate platform and earn money instantaneously, this makes really artist friendly Dapp for both new comers or existing one. next big thing is Artist can directly collaborate with other artists to create music using collaborative smart contract system. This will remove barriers for Music industry, Even record companies can adopt this system for better revenue models.

Two Token model:

Emanate is solving many issue micro level and Two token system is the best example for there dedication to solve major problems in Blockchain industry.Liquidity is a biggest concern for any Dapp/blockchain in crypto industry. To solve this challenge, Emanate is introducing MN8 utility token and MNX stable token. Liquidity issues are different types, for Trading user need stable coin, for Dapp like emanate, they need stable token for fighting price fluctuations while providing services in a cost effective way.

below is the example how emanate’s stable token solve Liquidity issue.

let’s assume that the song you want to listen to is priced in the projects token. You play a song and you pay X number of PLAY tokens. Now again let’s assume that the price of PLAY tokens jumps 80% because of a rumour on the market. This is great if you’re are holding PLAY tokens but the reality is that you’ve probably just overpaid significantly for the song you were listening to on repeat last week. Here we can use MNX as a payment solution from user.

Now we are coming to the best part, MN8 is mainly used as an utility token for getting services or user need to stake to get services from the Emanate platform.

This means that if a Record Label, Artist, Music curator, Node operator wanted to earn an income for providing a service within the network they would need to stake the MN8 token themselves or at least use the services of someone staking to earn MNX.

MN8 is like EOS token, to make transaction we need resource like cpu/bandwidth/RAM on eos blockchain, same like that if a user(Artist/user/record label/curator) want to use service he needed, MN8 to be staked. If he is not having MN8 tokens, use the services of someone staking to earn MNX.

“This makes MN8 cool and sexy”

The person who holds MN8 can change the way artist get paid as well he can change the industry that is why every artist will choose Emanate. when every Artist is on Emanate, who will choose to go any other platform.

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