A wise man once said: “You have to market in the year you live in, it’s not 2014 anymore”.

In the past few years there has been massive rise of niche products that were never heard from before, yet they amassed a massive success by leveraging social media, and sometimes even selling directly to the consumers.

Let’s take for example, Harry’s or The Dollar Shave Club. All it took is a crowdfunding campaign and some great social media presence and before you know it, they started to go toe to toe with gigantic brands like Gillette.

Just a few years ago, these things would’ve been completely impossible.

To give more perspective, here’s a short explanation from the wise man I referred to in the beginning of the post.

What happens here is that the attention in the market has shifted, and with it the costumer’s mentality has shifted as well.

A simple click on Amazon.com would give you an idea about this new trend. Especially You click on the top bar of Amazon for the really cool stuff that everyone searches for.

Which begs the question, how many of these brands you recognize from last decade?

And this is very impressive because up until recently, this is was the focus of the consumer mentality.

You see, in order for Blockchain platforms to blaze a trail in the current market, it is necessary to understand why the attention is shifting, and figure out the direction it is shifting to.

In the past century location, location, location was the Rosetta stone upon the which business were built, and to some degree it’s still as valid today. But since a large part of business activities are taking place online, we must pay attention to another variable, time.

We live in a time of constant development, and as a consequence influence keeps changing from one channel to another, from one platform to another. So it’s important to always be updated on where the attention is in order to maximize your marketing efforts.

Timing is the New Location

In the past major companies (like Colgate or Coca Cola) used to reach out to the six major TV conglomerates and splash the big bucks on them because that’s where the attention was at the time.

Today it’s a totally different story. TV and cable viewership are dropping so much that even YouTube is launching television series on their platform.

They’ve probably figured out that everyone spends much more time on their phones than in front of their television sets.

In the end, it’s only a matter of time until those big companies realize where the attention is, and for those big bucks to move from those cable channels to the tons of influential creators on the internet who most amazingly of all, are not monetizing much in proportion to their pull.

Which creates an excellent opportunity for any Blockchain platform seeking adoption through social media.

And the timing couldn’t be better, even more so now since YouTube has pulled monetization from thousands of influential creators.

But the key here, is to understand the needs of these influential people, address those needs and create a win-win for all parties involved.

For example, all YouTubers want to maintain and increase their followers as well as the engagement for their content.

In these days, what they do is they have Give-aways and hand out prizes to the most engaged members of their audience.

They understand that we live in the era of communities so they build a community around their content.

This is where the “market in the year you live in” advice comes into play.

Some companies understood the need for these influencers to grow their audience and communities and started to offer the giveaway gifts and prizes for free.

Think about it as a physical airdrop to expand the user base.

There are many example of that, the Lucille bat in The Walking Dead, the Infinity Gauntlet giveaways when Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet came around…etc.

These is a very effective marketing technique because there’s a win-win for all parties involved.

The audience and the followers are happy to participate not only because of the prizes but because the experience is being gamified (compared to the usual advertisement asking them to pay from the get-go).

The influencers are also happy because their following is growing, their audience is engaged. And they didn’t have to spend any money on that, in fact, they may even have bonuses incentivizing them to do more.

And the company is happy as well, because instead of targeting individuals at random,what they do is benefit from the influence of key people that allow them to reach entire communities at once.

So in short, this would be the strategy in question.

First step: Identify the influencers that resonate the most with you in terms of interest.

Second step: Offer them to pay for the giveaways (the physical gifts they are already buying) and on addition to that offer them an extra gift in cryptocurrency for the winners of each competition.

And maybe some type of compensation for the content creators as well.

After a while, the entire community would become familiar with the token bypassing the natural reaction of fearing the *new*.

Furthermore, the token’s brand has already gained a positive connotation since the token’s name always comes up when announcing prices.

Then you can gamify it further by offering more rewards for those who create an account and/or for who are active in your platform. It’s like an airdrop that rewards engagement.

If the influencer is a right fit, you could give them a share or percentage from the people they bring on board, thus giving them skin in the game and aligning their interests with yours.

In a way, their success and yours becomes one and the same and everyone grows together.

This seems the best kind of partnerships, not only it is mutually beneficial but it also makes sense strategically as they are people who are interested in that type of growth and more importantly, these are people who have proven that they are skilled at leveraging social media and influencing culture.

I can break it up in more details in another post if you want, but I’m afraid that this post is too long already.

Anyways, this is my two cents and I hope it adds some kind of value to anyone reading this.

All the best.

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  1. Yanika

    For sure we do live in amazing times, where the new breakthrough technologies are getting more and more influential not year by year but day by day. Over the course of the last week, as I was kinda busy, and little bit off Trybe, I was thinking all the time how much info I am missing. And on the other hand just thinking how many people are still ignorant towards the blockchain, and in the end how much they might have missed so far…

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      Thanks man! Yeah I’m with you, it seems to be the new trend right now, and it makes sense. When you have 20 tabs competing for attention, the game changes and it becomes necessary to appeal to the pleasure senses of the brain to stand out from the rest. It’s fascinating how these things work.

  2. Ilia

    Good author’s work! I agree that very soon the major players of the mass media market will have to accept the new conditions of the game or…! Currently, there are projects on the blockchain that aim to reward authors for content. Many have already introduced the finished product to the market, including applications for mobile devices. A new era! Thank you for your article Adil!