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Join them on telegram here: https://t.me/EndlessGameTeam

As a trader and fan of the EOS-Sphere, I, and everyone else, have noticed the emergence of EOS Casinos in our landscape.  Endless Dice is one of those gambling DAPPS I have really been watching closely and when I had the chance to write and article and do an interview with them, I jumped on it.

Now like them or lump them, online casinos have been popping up everywhere.  I am a fan of EOS and in my humble opinion their presence has been great for not only adoption but for testing the waters of the EOSIO ecosystem with massive volume and cpu usage.  This has forced us to really move and adapt as the software is truly battle tested which really helps the EOS eco-system as a whole.

Before we begin talking about Endless, a few words of transparency, honesty, and fair warning.  First of all, Trybe has entered a promotional partnership with Endless Dice which means you will be hearing about them in various ways over the coming months from both myself and the Trybe platform itself.  I also want to be transparent in the sense that I am a token holder and was before this partnership ever existed.  This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.  These are all speculative assets which come with some volatility.  Be smart.  Never invest what you can’t afford to lose.  Do your own research.  Make wise decisions.  Be an adult.  This is my opinion only and a piece written on a DAPP in the eco-system that I like.

that being said, I recently saw Endless Dice pop up into the Ecosystem and it came out with a roar…  The interface looks sleek, the design overall is impressive, and the team has constantly updated the telegram with new tweaks to the interface and upcoming games and contests. (join the telegram here https://t.me/EndlessGameTeam)

My spare time (of which is minimal between my other pursuits) is sometimes spent watching the market and the new dapps that come up.  Endless grabbed my attention immediately.

Here are some of the things I like about Endless Game

The team works hard and has some great social media presence.  Their marketing is great, their communication is good, and they are across various platforms with constant updates and announcements.  I don’t know if these guys sleep…  but if they do it isn’t for long.   Their Medium is actually very impressive and they have been releasing an announcement a day lately.

Find them on their various social media below where they seem to be very active all the time

Website: https://dice.endless.game/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/9Vhnehq
Medium: https://medium.com/endless-game
telegram: https://t.me/EndlessGameTeam
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EndlessGameTeam

Endless dice pays out Dividends to token holders daily and the dividends are always visible right on the site as the time progresses towards the countdown.

It’s a new breed of token.  The online casino that pays their token holders…  I am not here to debate ethics.  I just think a decentralized community in the world of gambling with profit distribution is a cool idea.  Endless isn’t the first one.  It won’t be the last.  But I have claimed my profits from my tokens without any issues every time.  Sometimes they are amazing.  Sometimes they are just ok.  The amount you get paid out varies with the volume of course.  As more players come to this new platform I think it’s possible we will see some great dividends as I already have.  Again, not investment advice.  My opinion.  Be smart out there.  I just think Endless is doing all of the right things to attract new players to the platform.  It’s so new and has a ton of potential.  I do communicate with the team often and am always impressed with their professionalism and drive.

You do need to stake your tokens to get dividens.  This is instant and painless.  It takes 24 hours to unstake them but you can restake them again at any time during the unstaking phase with no penalty.  This…  I like.

Endless Dice constantly has promotions and the team clearly sees the need to attract new people to the eco-system.  I have watched the Telegram explode in only a few days and they don’t seem to stop giving out bonuses and creating excitement and updating the UX.

The latest of which is here with the Endless Millions Air Grab

Alternatively, they have recently introduced this as their leaderboard event to encourage new engagement

More games coming soon:  Powerball has been announced and will be dropping soon.  Another thing that I like about them is their speed.  It won’t be a one trick pony.  Endless Dice has announced more games coming soon and the team really seems to be taking development very seriously.  They even have a little DEX built right into the site where you can purchase tokens with Scatter.  I expect to see a barrage of games and new ways to engage the market coming out within the next few days and weeks.

Interview with KD

I want to mention that I am not tribalistic.  I think anything built on EOS is fantastic.  I am not for this or for that, but for the EOS Ecosystem as a whole.  I think Online casinos have a role in that development.  We are going to see lots of DAPPS come and go but based on some of the behaviors of the team I think Endless is here to stay.  I managed to have a chat with KD who is one of the team members.  That interview is below.

1 – What is endless dice and where did the idea for the name come from?

Endless Dice is the first game released by Endless Game. It’s a proof-of-concept game. The whole point behind this game and the Endless platform is to create a system where players can play games and create values at the same time.

Our team loves 80s & 90s retro stuff. We all spent a lot of time in our neighborhood arcades when we were kids. And you know how many of those arcade games were like endless mazes. You just need to keep playing. And we want to create games that’s fun, addictive and cool. That’s why we named our brand Endless.

2- Why do you think Gambling Dapps are so popular on EOS?

Because EOS has the right soil for this. High performance blockchain with a huge wallet user base. Not just for gambling dapps, EOS is by-far the best existing solution for game developers.

3- How do you plan on keeping things new and fresh and what will separate endless dice from the rest of the pack?

At Endless Game, we deeply believe in the power of innovation. And we dont like to just follow other people’s steps. We constantly push ourselves to think differently. We wish to create games that is both entertaining and truly unique in its own way.

4- You pay out dividends to the token holders daily.  How does it all work?

So basically, for every 1 EOS reveneue (NOT PROFIT! Since the word profit is a tricky concept) we generated, we will put at least 40% to our dividend pool. In this way, our token holders will receive daily EOS dividend as long as the Endless Game generates revenue.

In the future, we will raise the percentage of EOS flow into our dividend pool as our business grows.

5- What is your primary growth strategy right now?

For now, we believe the most important thing is to establish a strong yet diversified product mix. This will certainly bring us a stable and healthy cash flow to support the platform growth.

In addition, in order to win the competition, we believe it’s important to be innovative and keep things moving fast. Currently, we have a handful of games in our production pipeline. And we are aim to release new games every 1-2 weeks.

6-  How does mining ET tokens work

In our design, ET is just like redemption tickets you would get from any arcade. With ET, users will be granted with the right to claim part of our daily revenue. Currently, the only way to obatin ET, is by playing our games. The more you play, the more ET you will have. With more ET, the user can have a bigger claim for our daily revenue.

7- The design and user interface of the site is really clean and intuitive.  Did the team have previous experience in the industry?

Yes, some members of our team has been working for video game companies for many years. Our devs have vast experiences in developing mobile games, and smart contracts.

In addition, all of our team are game lovers. We wish to create games not only fun to play but also please to look at.

8- You are always making updates and have good communication in telegram always listening and adjust things through feedback.  What coming updates is the team the most excited about?

Yes, we believe that as game developers, it is very important to listen to our community and respond to their requests in a timely manner. After all, we are making games for them.

In fact, we are very exciting about the release of our second game, Endless Millions. We wish to bring all the powerball fun onto blockchain. As far as we know, all the lotteries on blockchain right now are very different from real-life ones. We wish to create a brand new type decentralized lottery where whales and small fishes can both have fun.

9- How important are promotions and what are some of the things you are doing right now?

Promotion and marketing are definitely very important for game developers. To have more people play our games, we have let more know about us first.

In order to attract new users and promote our incoming new game, we are conducting a grand airdrop right now. For every 10 EOS you spend with our game, you will get a ticket for Endless Million, our incoming lottery game for free. For the first game, the team will put down an extra 2000 EOS in the jackpot.

10- What do you all enjoy most about the whole process?

The process of creating new games is definitely the part we enjoy most. For us, this process is a little bit like preparing birthday/x-mas gifts for our close friends.

11- any final words for the EOS community?

The endless game may be young and small at the moment. But we wish we could contribute to the EOS community in our own way and grow the the community.

12- where is the best place to find you and come talk?

You can find us in our telegram channel/discord.

Telegram: The Official Discussion Group of Endless Game


Korea: t.me/EndlessGameKorea

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