EOS.Win is a decentralized game platform based on EOS main net. The EOS Dice and Lottery games are now on the platform. Functions such as game operations and token distribution are controlled by EOS smart contracts. The random numbers are all generated on the blockchain and the user interface is just a front-end webpage. EOS.Win aims to build a fair, transparent and decentralized gaming ecosystem.


Game rule is simple

The player moves the slider to choose the proper quiz interval. For example, if the user moves the slider to 49, it means the player’s guess number is smaller than 49 (not included), with bet numbers ranging from 0 to 48. You can also choose to use other tokens like ADD, ATD, EOSDAC, HORUS, KARMA, TPT, MEETONE, BLACK or LUCKY to play. After setting the appropriate bet amount, click the ‘Roll Under’ button to call the smart contract, which will generate a random number on the EOS blockchain. If the number is in the bet range, the player wins and will immediately receive and amount equal to the bet amount plus payout. The minimum bet amount is 0.25 EOS. Participants in the game will receive a certain amount of LUCKY tokens as platform dividends. The team will cover RAM consumption during the process and no player-owned RAM will be consumed. A small amount of players’ CPU and NET resources will be used when transferring tokens

EOS.Win has a dividend pool. Players holding LUCKY token can claim EOS dividends every 24 hours. Part of the profit from the Dice and Lottery games is contributed to the dividend pool. Each time a player claims EOS dividends, a 0.5% LUCKY fee will be charged, which will be merge and counted into the unreleased LUCKY account. Transferring of claimed dividends is not allowed until 24 hours after the claim. The specific rules are as follows:

EOS Dice: 25% of hourly earnings flow into the dividend pool. For example, if the profit of the platform increases by 100 EOS in one hour, then 25 EOS will flow to the dividend pool. If there is no profit increase during that period, there is no dividend for the period.

EOS Lottery: The EOS amount distributed to the dividend pool depends on the reward pool. The larger the reward pool is, the higher the dividend pool’s share, shown as follows

EOS.Win uses a specific random number generation algorithm that is totally implemented by a smart contract and can not be interfered with. To clarify the distribution of the random numbers, numbers between 0-10000 were selected over 10,000 simulations. The simulation results are shown below, revealing that the random numbers are uniformly distributed

USE Scatter or Wallet

Using the website to participate in the game requires the installation of the Chrome browser and the Scatter extension. Once installation is complete, click on the Scatter icon in the top right corner of Chrome browser.

1. First set your Scatter password (you can export mnemonics to prevent password loss)

2. Click on Enter Key Pair – New, then enter your EOS private key and save it

3. Click on Identity – New, then import the EOS account you created, select the active account and save it

4. Click Login on the game website to select the account in Scatter.

Now EOS.Win also supports Scatter Desktop. After downloading and installing from the official website, follow these steps to play games:

1. Set your Scatter Desktop password (you can export mnemonics to prevent password loss)

2. In the left tab “Blockchains”, create a new key pair and import your private key, save it, then click “Fetch Accounts” to choose an identity

3. Click the tab “Identity” to create a new identit

4. Log in on the website, select an account and enjoy.

EOS.Win now supports the Medishares and TokenPocket wallets.

In the Medishares and TokenPocket app, find the icon and open it to play the game freely.

and You can also draw a lucky number every one hour for free.

Enjoy game. Good Luck.

web : https://eos.win/i/howisitgoing

telegram : https://t.me/eoswin




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