With the new decentralized EOS exchange newdex.io now listing most of / if not all available tokens lets have a look at the market caps of some of these EOS airdrops and see if they are overvalued. The value of these tokens is calculated with EOS at a price of $4.5 USD. Post was written at 8.30 am Sydney time.

CET (Chaince Exchange token)

Trading at 0.0086 EOS a market cap of $34.8 million. The exchange is ok but newdex is better to be honest so i would say CET is way over valued and there are much better and more used exchanges worth less. The KYC requirement will also hold Chaince back. SELL

IQ (Everipedia)

Trading at 0.0025 EOS market cap of $112.5 million. The circulating supply is only 1 /10th of the total supply so that is worth noting, im not sure about the inflation rate. If inflation is low and Everipedia really takes off then its worth its current value in my eyes. Hodl


Trading at 0.0031 EOS market cap of $16.7 million . I haven’t had a good look into HORUS or how the token has value , they are a payment payroll portal and if anyone has followed me on Steemit you might know im not really a fan of project that just add tokens for the sake of raising money and have no reason to have a token. With that said judging by what they are doing i cant see to point in having a token other then the fees for using there services which is a bad model for a fee structure. SELL

Black (EOSBlack)

Trading at 0.0133 Market cap of $53.5 Million. Black is like a VC fund i did a review on it HERE . I do like this project but i think the market cap is pretty high although looking at the trade orders it could have some room to run but will eventually fall back to its true value which i think is alot lower. I sold my holdings but ill let you decide.

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This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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