Recap of the Alliance open calls from Week 10, as interpreted by Martin Breuer(EOS Nation, Regional Director)

It’s already 10 Weeks that the EOS Community has comes together on regular Zoom Calls initiated by the EOS Alliance to discuss the rules and the value system that defines how to interact with each other on the EOS Network.

All these meetings were held in several languages and were open to everyone that wanted to participate.

Articles of Constitutions (current and proposed versions) have been analyzed one by one in smaller workings groups and their findings were reported back to the larger community.

Some of those groups worked on crafting their own versions, which you can read about in my previous summaries.

Specialists have been invited to talk about their experiences and have informed us about established practices.

Many of us continued the discussions on Telegram and worked together on open documents like the EOS Amsterdam Charter.

The next big task for the community is to merge the several different proposals in to one representative version or to accept the fact that multiple proposals would need to get finalized to go up for a vote.

Before this process begins though, Call #10 was based on the genius idea of collectively taking a step back and brainstorming together on a blank sheet of shared digital paper.

Like a painter working on “greater than life” sized canvas, being close up to the work constantly, busy with details here and there, sometimes a step back is needed to get a grasp of the overall composition.

It was not about the answers, but the questions.

  • What are we actually trying to do here?
  • Where is agreement or disagreement?
  • How can we distill 9 weeks of dialogue into a coherent document and prepare ballots for a referendum?

All the Week # 10 Sessions were hosted by Mr. Thomas Cox.

After a short introduction, the participants were invited to a shared Google Doc and it was great fun to watch several avatars popping up to throw in questions and to later organize them into categories on a spreadsheet.

These spreadsheets stayed open 24 hrs after the meeting for further contributions. Links to the open documents have been shared in several social media chats.

Here are links to the spreadsheets in their corresponding languages:

Korean Spreadsheet

English Spreadsheet

Chinese Spreadsheet

Now those documents will serve as a pool from which the community can condense down;

“the critical most interesting questions that will force us to come up with the answers to get us to a good ballot.”

Since produced content is already written down in the spreadsheets, my summary stays relatively short this week.

An honorable mention goes to the Korean group, which was the most productive coming up with 98 questions during the call. It’s not a competition, though. 😉

A nice touch of the Chinese Call was Thomas asking each participant to share some recent good news with the group.

I’m curious what Week #11 will bring.

Stay tuned and follow further discussions at the EOS Alliance Open Discussion Telegram Channel.

See you on the calls.


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