The EOS Alliance website has just gone live, it’s goal is to proivde a focal point for the EOS community, and bring together different opinions, voices and ideas of the community:

Where is this highly important in those chaotic post launch times, but i always thought the good people form @EOSgo would carry this further.

Apparently the Alliance is much better funded, and counts prominent figures among their core team like…:

– Thomas Cox (he is just everywhere)

– Brock Pierce (officially back)

– AKON (a well known – not to me – hip hopper)

With two key people formerly employed by B1 i really wonder how this alliance came into existence, and where the funding does come from, the new website certainly shows professionalism (and thus the availability of money). All is clear some BPs are involved. Which is good.

Just to summarize their core goals:

Community communication: This is important because now its all controlled by some whales. Curious how this is intended to play out and how it will provide a better (and democratic forum) like we have on EOSGo forum or the different telegram channels. There was some talk about guidance as well.

Outbound communication: Well not the highest priority in my view, because a performing blockchain will be its own best advertisement.

Advancing governance: Here the goal is to facilitate the creation of community build platforms, as well as the development of a new community constiution, which should contest the constitutional torso currently favoured by b1/dan.

What’s your thought about this new Alliance? Any idea about the marginalisation of EOSGo in favour of it? What can we expect?

UPDATE: They just published a Medium post where they outline their goals.
Important additions:
-Over 50 BPs are already backing this initiative, so it’s already quite broad!
– The Board Team now appointed is to be elected.
– Kevin Wilcox of @EOSgo will handle media, feel its great he is on board.
On Reddit a self proclaimed whale expresses his concerns with the forming alliance. IMO a very good sign (Thx for @sugarfix for the hint!)


One more thing on my own account: MY EARLIER ARTICLE MADE IT INTO THE NEWS…. yes! 😉
Big thanks also to Tom Norwood for featuring it in his Newsletter!

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