Looking for formats in introducing blockchain is very important, because in the past few years the blockchain has continued to grow and also continues to show an increase in discussions in various media, both television media, radio media, and social media and other media. When the blockchain is developed and blockchain has not been considered or has a place for the lovers of the crypto world as it is today, just as the emergence of bitcoin, people underestimate and also consider this not something that can benefit. blockchain and bitcoin at that time were still considered ordinary items, he was not something of value, almost a decade of bitcoin and blockchain struggled to get a place and get value among other valuable assets. 


All never thought that bitcoin would be one of the assets that could be saving for the future, no one ever thought that blockchain would develop as rapidly as it is today. But now everyone is very confident in bitcoin (for people who are familiar with the world of blockchain and duni crypto), the birth of several other coins has also become a new nuance for the development of the crypto world. And currently there is one coin that is very much talked about after bitcoin, ethereum and ripple, what is the coin? The coin is EOS, I’ve read an article that says that ethereum is one of the longest blockchain projects or can be called the oldest of the other coin-coins. And EOS is currently one of the blockchain projects that is very much interested in.

One article says EOS has become a new competitor for the other coin-coin world, why can it happen like this, because from the EOS blockchain project has resulted in convincing blockchain activists, if in EOS can be built many Dapps are decentralized together or can called connected between coin-coins in bangaun with the EOS project. Of course this is a new color for the crypto world, the presence of EOS has brought a new direction of development for the world of algorithms. And of course this must be seen as a new opportunity for investors who want to invest their capital in projects built with EOS. And for coin hunters, my message is for now, don’t forget to buy EOS coins, because by buying coin EOS you will get other coin-coins built with the EOS project.

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