Check out the link below to visit a fun & challenging game of dice. “FREE” EOS given out every

hour on the Lucky Roll when you first go online and as you play. 

U will have an opportunity to add EOS to your holdings.  Great promotion for the Bet Dice program.

One of the highest rated and highest volume game EOS platforms being used is a new dice game

called Bet Dice.  There is a chance for you to parlay your EOS tokens into some extra EOS coins.  If you use

a small amount of your EOS stack. Suggest about 10 to 15 EOS tokens you get a chance to bet

.10 EOS at a time or if you wish to risk more EOS, its up to you.  The game is fun & interesting

to see your fellow EOS players try different strategies to win.  The basics are you place the

amount of EOS to wager and than you press the Roll button which runs a random system of 

numbers from one to one hundred.  You decide at what point you feel the number will be chosen.

A move of the slide bar and you can wager the number will be above say 25 or 55 or 85 and

your guess is best.  The lower number you feel will be picked, will allow the better payout you receive.

I have been playing the game in my spare time when checking the Crypto prices.  Ok, yes checking

crypto prices at least six times a day.  The game is a bit addicting, so if you like action, this game will

meet that need.  Remember every roll of the die is an individual event and anything can happen.  Also, with

each roll of even a small amount of EOS (ie. .10 or .25 etc…) you will automatically add Bet Dice tokens to

play with too.  Using the Bet Dice Token is a good way to change up and test your strategies’.  Next month a 

special dividend will be give to Bet Dice token holders as a thank you for playing.  So its time to have some

fun and throw those dice and try your luck.   

Good luck.  

All the best,

Dave “Sunset Gretsch”

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks @SunsetGretsch, I’m too scared to try and gamble, I have so few EOS that I would be paranoid to even lose .1 of an EOS, 🙂
    My question though is how do you gamble using an exchange or do you have to have your EOS in a wallet?
    Mark (Zeus69)