Going by the mysterious name of Sean T, one EOS developer has come up with one of the first fully operational dApps on EOS – Bingo!!

That’s right, folks. You heard it. That game your grandparents used to play has become one of the hippest joints in the EOSphere…

With the likes of Josh from EOS Canada, Ross and Shelley from EOSphere Australia, and the three Nathans (NSJames from Scatter, NSRempel from Genereos/EOStoolkit, and Nate D from Aloha EOS) frequently spotted in the Telegram channel, EOS Bingo is rapidly turning into a place where the high rollers come to play and the EOS rich and famous can be found flippantly throwing their EOS into the pot!

With a current buy-in of just 0.1 EOS per card, the stakes aren’t exactly massive – but you do need a certain amount of skill to navigate both the crap talking in the Telegram channel and to cross the numbers off your cards at the same time.

Pro tip: buy more than one card!

Last night the pot got well over 2 EOS – so returns from this game can be far higher than the current crypto market average πŸ™‚

All in all – it’s a great way to spend 30 minutes, with plenty of laughs and the adrenaline of almost winning (twice!) but not quite (better luck tomorrow, Tom!)

Give it a try – it’s far more addictive than you think!

Games start at 8:30pm EST and all you need is Scatter and an EOS account with more than 0.1 EOS in it πŸ™‚


Get in early, as the Telegram banter usually starts long before the game: https://t.me/EOSbingo

Here’s a sample of last night’s game commentary:


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  1. Cryptodad

    This looks like a good time. i just barely staked, I knew I should have saved a couple from my recent buy. I’ve just been hodling but I like Bingo and I like banter. See you in a few days, Tom.