EOS token holders will find a 1:1 airdrop of BLACK token from the eosblackteam today. What is eosBLACK? Well, that is not such a simple answer. Upon receiving the airdrop, I began to look for more information regarding this mystery airdrop that I had heard nothing about and was not expecting. I frequently monitor sites like https://eosdrops.io & https://airdropsforeos.com for upcoming airdrops and I did not see anything in regard to the EOS BLACK project. 

Using https://eosflare.io/ to see the airdrop info helped to provide some clarity about eosBLACK airdrop, which included the website link in the memo. This project appears to be Korean based and the website and whitepaper are available in both English and Korean. 

MEMO Reads: “Creating value together! eosBLACK:http://eosblack.io”

What is eosBLACK?

eosBLACK is a platform that develop the most promising dApps for you to participate in.
Once we list the dApps on our platform, it’s up to our community to select their best.
The dApps that receive sufficient votes , will be successfully developed!

CRYTPOFACTORY will be a community-run, collaborative development platform that plans to reshape the way that dApp creation. With features like a community development fund that will provide resources for development without an ICO. The dApps will be voted on by the community and even those influencers are rewarded for their role in determining which dApps will earn the resources for development. 




Link is directly from https://eosblack.io/ 

I found only this one Tweet about eosBlack airdrop today, which I had to translate. If you have any helpful information to add or can clarify on the information that I have shared – please leave a comment below!


I’ve received my BLACK tokens and have already added the custom token to my Greymass wallet. The airdrop is in progress now, so be sure to check your balance today for a nice little 1:1 surprise airdrop. At least this was a surprise to me! Check your wallets. 

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