Precisely on the 24th of april this year at about 12:14pm i logged into my ethereum wallet on to check my token profile, only to find out that my wallet has been hijacked by hackers and  tokens with visible dollar worth of  $23,000.00 stolen at about 04:00am on that same day.

I almost passed out as that was the whole money i had and decided to invest in tokens as i am a die-hard crypto fan. what actually made me more angry was that two of my wallets have been hacked twice and i avoided it from occurring again but i just accepted it. few days later, my wallet that was hacked before the april incident received a dividend of about $327 from auctus project and that again got me more angry because i only got to know four days after the hacker had diverted the funds too to another wallet. when i checked the time the payment was made and when it was moved from the wallet, it showed me a four minuted difference and that means that that wallet has been placed on watchlist by the hacker just incase any funds was sent to the wallet. That got me thinking, there must be a software that does this monitoring and possibly sends alert notifications when any fund enters into that wallet.

This swift stealing method made me curious and embarked on a research and stumbled upon the ‘trust wallet’ which had the notification function and that was how i started monitoring my hacked wallets just incase i got an alert, i will quickly divert the funds before the hackers should get hold of it.

That same function of receiving notifications via email and telegram has been introduced into the EOS blockchain by the

This is a welcome development and it is laudable. although the EOS blockchain is more secured than the ethereum blockchain, this measure is still a proactive one to ensure safety of investors funds and also increase the degree of trust and confidence in the blockchain technology coming from the EOS.

Thanks fro this wonderful innovation and keep the good works coming guys (

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  1. terra

    I’m sorry to hear about that. I signed up to the eosauthority notification once it was available and love it. Thanks to them and to you for your story. I truly believe and do live by the feeling that there is a reason for everything, and its always a better one. Keep positive and have good faith!