Can you count? Many will say – Yes! We all see currency exchange rate charts, see how BTC, which has huge volatility, is rocking the cryptocurrency market up and down. All other currencies are sitting on this swing next to bitcoin. But let’s think about it together! If I or you or someone else invested in EOS (it is now about EOS and only about EOS) and when today looking at the course we see 5$-6$ so is it really?

It is here that lies the mistake of many people and EOS fans who tirelessly follow the course! Look again, look closely how many of the followers of EOS “EOSio” and how many AIRDROP was transferred to holders of EOS? Most of these projects have already entered the market and the coins have a price. I do not take into account the possibility of Dapp (eg “Prabox”) because the coins that gives this “candy box” can get any EOS account owner no matter how many EOS in his wallet! Do we know how to count or not? Is it possible to add to the EOS rate the passive income that brought us coins from other projects? Let everyone decide for themselves. I personally recall a recent example of the project “Ontology” which has grown into its own blockchain. Remember this AIRDROP for NEO holders… If at least a few projects on the EOS blockchain repeat this success, and I personally have no doubt about it, can we say that these projects will be among those that have made the same marketing move as “Ontology”? If so, fasten your seat belts… and do not try now to sell coins that fell into your hands (this is only my opinion, not investment advice), I’m sure that soon many will reconsider their opinion about what they know how to count!

Friends, I wish you all good luck, love and patience!

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  1. Marco Siccardi

    It is hard to resist making a fast buck on all those airdrops, especially in a bear market. Up until now, my decisions in this area (which one to keep, which one to kick), got me a positive result. But it keeps being difficult.