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The results in this article are from my research regarding some different casino sites the last days. I now realized some mistakes I made because I was mainly focusing much on the daily payout sites and somehow missed the value of MEV. I just wondered why it was so extremely expensive compared to others, but my first calculations regarding it must have been a little wrong, so I didn’t realize the value of it so far.

However, to make a long story short: The winner for paying the highest dividends is by far ROYAL ONLINE VEGAS (former “My EOS Vegas”), the MEV token. It has a staggering ROI of ~16% per week (if I didn’t mess up this calculation again .. 😉 ) regarding the current price of the coin and a moderate estimation of the price pool this week. Of course this all fluctuates a lot. Every site has some new users coming and leaving, also sometimes the house wins more or less. The best other current casino game that pays EOS dividends compared to that right now is BetDice (DICE) with only ~1% (not included all values besides EOS). After that everything is basically in the range of 0,005 – 0,003 % or even lower. Of course there are “one time wonders” like the recent big payout from FunCity which was like 30% and one of their dividend payouts for even bigger (almost 50% from my calculations) – but this was primarily only for one day and two after that! Also the initial invest you would have made would’ve shrunk about 40% until today. So here’s how it went for me:

1) Invested = 100%

2) Claimed the big dividends payout = ~130

3) Unstaked coins and waited … 

4) See coin price going down and not even able to sell at -40% right now, because I unstaked too late… But calculating with -40% this allready would be a 10% loss! If the price drops even lower it’s of course even more.

So all in all I think I learned a bit my lesson from this! It’s probably not wrong to invest into something that risky. But in hindsight I now rather think that you than should be going for the long term and therefore don’t invest too much 😉 Safety and reducing risks has it’s value for a good reason.

However, this is nevertheless also a really nice 2nd start for FunCity. It’s already being pretty cheap because of the 40% drop in value from today. If the price is now dropping further and – to force an extreme example – they could deliver some new nice game or somehow double the price pool with some promo. This could attract a lot of users and FunCity could have a tremendous upswing again. Now we can see how much quality or value this investment really has!

Finally, if you are looking for some similar case like I described about FunCity, read this article I wrote about the upcoming payout for EOSLuckyMe who, as announced,  should have their big first dividends payout coming up today.

Stay tuned for more details about different nice opportunities in the next series from the EOS Casino Gambling world of DApps.

Please never bet more than you can afford! This is all not financial advice, but my opinion. You should also never ever listen to what somebody says blindly and do what they tell you – this concerns investing in crpyto currencies, any investments in general and your life – YOU make your own decisions!


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