A brief breakdown of some of the EOS blockchain’s most pressing events of the day.

Top News

Referendum System Update

  • EOS Canada posted an update on their blog describing the current state of the long awaited referendum system critical to the long term success of the network.
  • In the post EOS Canada describes: a brief history of the referendum system, a current status update of where the nearly complete projects stands, and graciously credits EOS Nation, Greymass, GenerEOS, and EOS Tribe for all of their contributions.
  • In conclusion, they say “the remaining step is to finalize the tally mechanism” and the new system should be off to the races.

Network Struggles

  • Life on the eos blockchain continued to be a struggle for a second day as CPU constainse continued to plague the network.
  • Many in the community, as evident on eos subreddit, blamed two eos block producers in particular for poor network performance.
  • Like RAM prices earlier in the year, CPU constraints pose challenge to young blockchain.

BP Consolidation Fears

  • Some in the community have started to worry about the increasing number of top block producers located in Asia and in China (the top 4 bp’s) in particular.
  • These developments come on the heels of recent allegations of vote buying and coordination amongst some of the top Chinese bp’s.

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