A brief breakdown of some of the EOS blockchain’s most pressing events of the day.

Top News

Network Relief

  • Life on the eos blockchain got a whole lot easier today with network CPU levels going back to normal after several days of painful resource constraints.
  • This new found CPU relief appears to come directly from 15 of the top 21 block producers (the required minimum) voting in a proposal titled: CHANGE TARGET_BLOCK_CPU_USAGE_PCT TO 20% which changed the default mainnet launch parameters for the systems CPU congestion mode from 10% to 20%. A more detailed explanation can be found by clicking here.
  • The quick response from the community at large and by the BP’s themselves is an encouraging sign of community engagement and effective governance.


Block.one announces EOSIO Version 1.4.0

EOS Games

Bancor’s BP LiquidEOS announces EOSCraft

Here are some of the first details we know of:

  • The game is called EOSCRAFT (Crafting on the EOS Blockchain)
  • The game can be found HERE (alpha version on the Jungle Testnet) as well as an offline demo version.
  • Game mechanics appear to include things like chopping down wood, selling and buying things in the market, and working your way across a map.
  •  As of right now we will not use EOS as an in-game currency but may have it’s own in-game token (more to be announced).
  • Telegram group can be found HERE for the latest information.

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