Hi Trybe members!

Because many of you are EOS users, I decided to share these news with you.

Especially this might be needed for active EOS users, who do not have much EOS staked for CPU but still want to use EOS actively either for trading or multiple transactions (i.e. on gaming sites)

So EOS block producers Attic Lab cooperated with CODEX Exchange and created EOS CPU Aid Campaign. All the traders registered at CODEX exchange will be able to request a delegation of 50 EOS for CPU for 3 days for free. I tested it as you can see from the screenshot below. It is possible to get this CPU aid multiple times, but only 1 time for account. For example as you can see from screenshot 2 times I requested it for haytqobvhege EOS account and 1 time for cryptotexty1. Currently when I have active EOS CPU aid for haytqobvhege I can’t request it for another account, but I will be able to do it when the aid time is over.

Here you can see +50 EOS in CPU in my account

A while ago (From Cryptotexty1 account I did a lot of transactions on gaming sites, hundreds of transactions and 50 EOS in CPU was more than enough, only 14% of my CPU was used, so I think this amount of CPU Aid is more than enough both for trading and other EOS account usage)

As a Block Producer, Attic Lab perceives the CPU issue and works together with different groups on finding a sustainable solution.

CODEX apportions a segment of its EOS balance to the EOS CPU Aid Campaign

I contacted both Attic Lab and Codex to check how long this aid will last, and they told me that it will as long as will be needed for community. So you still have a lot of time to get this CPU EOS aid.

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