Me & Cryptocurrencies.

First let me tell something about myself and my experience with cryptocurrency’s as this is the first article I placed. For me it started about a year ago. My colleague told me he had made some profit buying and selling some cryptocurrency’s using Litebit. I bought some Vertcoin, Etherium and Litecoin in June 2017, shortly after the price exploded. During that time I invested in several other cryptocurrencies and read a lot of articles. One of the most promising projects I thought was EOS. The thing I like about EOS is the fact that transactions are fast & free of charge. I also think the proof of stake is a much better concept then the proof of work (less power consumption and easier to participate for people with less technical background).

Litebit is a market place for cryptocurrencies situated in the Netherlands like me and they have a nice website where you can buy & sell more than 50 cryptocurrencies with a wide variety of payment methods. If you are interested you can use my referral link to visit them:

EOS Blockchain

June 2017 I witnessed the start of the EOS main-net on YouTube and was one of the first to install Scatter and Vote for the Block producers. It was still a bit messy that time with some bugs in the software and people not knowing what to do and which websites to visit. But look how fast things changed!! Many block producers really contributed to the EOS community. When you have scatter installed its easy to use exchanges like Newdex and DEXEOS, you can find all your account data on or So many nice EOS projects have started and some already have a functional DAPP. I have great expectations of Trybe.

Overusing CPU


When I tried out some of the DAPP’s I did run into a problem many others also faced: Use of CPU when making many transactions will quickly reach 100% and more. The reason I used to much at first was when I rolled the Dice using BETDICE. When I was playing I didn’t notice anything, all the transactions went very smoothly and the only bad thing is that I lost some EOS which you can expect when gambling. I got a bit carried away and was betting for over an hour. Every time you bet, you actually make a transaction through a smart contract and every time you make a transaction, you use some CPU. At one point I had to stop because I got a notification that my free CPU was 0%. It was only then that I realized that there was a limit to the number of transactions you can make in a certain amount of time depending on the amont of EOS you have staked in CPU. The next day I really panicked when I noticed my CPU usage was 2567% !!. The problem was not as big as I thought it was at that time as I will explain in the next chapter.

How CPU works in EOS

If only I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have panicked at all. Here is what I should have done: Just wait until the CPU goes down again. This can take a couple of days as it did in my case. The reason is that your CPU state is an average of the amount of CPU that you have used in the last three days. Here is what you can read at the EOS resource planner at CPU Bandwidth is measured as your average consumption in microseconds over the last 3 days. CPU bandwidth is temporarily consumed when you send an action or transaction but decreases over time returning to 0. The longer your transaction runs, the more CPU bandwidth it will consume. You can unstake at any time to reclaim your EOS tokens.

What the problem is, is that you can’t make any transactions when you don’t have any free CPU, so you also cannot stake more CPU to be able to make transactions again because that also requires making a transaction. There are some nice tools, websites and features that can help you out when you need CPU directly:

Emergency CPU can be obtained for free on They do want you to use it for using their Dapps but you can also use it to make other transactions. You just have to enter your account name and they will delegate 1.5 EOS (or more) to you.

You can also use the TKS token to get CPU: As you can read on their website: EOS Mainnet users struggle having enough CPU/Net resources when developing, playing games and using dapps. ZKS offers an easily redeemable solution. ZKS tokens have been designed to be a very simple utility token, that will provide 1 EOS of CPU for 3 hours. There are no complex mechanisms for issuance or redemption.

The solution to CPU Problems

There will probably be other solutions available soon as the Block Producers are also addressing this issue but this what I know. Maybe other solutions can be added in the commends below this article. Don’t forget to rate my article, I hope you found it useful information.

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  1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Marcel welcome to Trybe! Great first post. Yes EOS CPU is really being tested with dApps that use multiple transactions per second like these Dice betting games. It is still early days and I am sure the BP and EOS community will solve it. CPU emergency and ZKS are great and I am sure there will be new innovations to solve the CPU problems.

  2. Ruth

    More like me : time do fly didn’t notice ? 2017 was a great crypto year . So we remember that more. However, correction EOS main-net launched in 2018 not 2017. I can tell that was your honest mistake, I do make that mistake when writing about crypto.
    otherwise, good intro.