I know what you are thinking, “Oh great, another EOS gambling dapp that is just like all of the others.”  That is what I also thought until I played EOS Crash.  Gambling is all about the rush that you get when you win money.  There are chemicals that are released when gambling that make you feel good.  This can be dangerous if it turns into a gambling addiction, but for most people a little bit of gambling is a fun and harmless activity.  The key is to only gamble with money that you are willing to lose.  EOS Crash maximizes the excitement of gambling with a slick UI, dopamine releasing suspense and fair tokenomics.

The Game:

You place a bet by deciding how much you want to wager and what multiplier you want.  The amount of the wager can be anywhere between 0.1 and 5 EOS (this will be increased as the game grows).  The multiplier can be set anywhere between 1.01X and 1000X.  If you bet 1 EOS with a multiplier of 1.01X, you will receive 1.01 EOS.  If you bet 1 EOS with a 1000X multiplier, you will receive 1000 EOS.  After all bets are placed for the round, you will see a number with a graph that increases in a parabolic fashion and where it stops (or crashes) determines whether you won your bet or not.  As long as you set your multiplier lower than the crash number, you will win.  There is the option of cashing out manually as the multiplier is running up if you are happy with your gains.  Some people like to set the multiplier low and win small amounts of EOS over a longer period of time.  Others who have the stomach for it can go after the bigger wins.  This is similar to making high risk bets on dice games, but there is a big difference that makes this game fun to play.

The Suspense:

When you place bets with higher multiples, you have to watch that number rise for a few seconds hoping that it doesn’t crash before it reaches your multiple.  Watching that number increase is more exciting than the instant win/loss result of dice or blackjack.  The suspense and rush of seeing your high multiplier reached is very entertaining, and that is why most people gamble in the first place.  Try it out yourself if you don’t believe me.

The User Interface:

Even though EOS Crash was released within the last few days, these developers did an amazing job with the UI.  The website is intuitive and there is practically zero lag time.  You only have 12 seconds to place a bet, but with whitelisting that is all you need.  There is a list of other people’s bets that shows who won as the multiplier is increasing.  This adds a social aspect to the game that makes it more interesting.  There is a troll box that connects you to Telegram.  You can also see a list of recent results and EOS volumes for each round.

The Tokenomics:

There is a total max supply of 28m tokens.  6.2m tokens were sold during the pre-sale, 12.3m will be held in the mining pool to be distributed to players, 3.9m will be burned since they were not sold during the pre-sale, 2.8m tokens will be reserved for the team and 2.8m will be used for bounty programs.  60% of all smart contract revenue will be paid out in dividends, 40% will be for operating expenses, marketing, etc.  Overall, this is a very straight forward token model.  My only gripe is that I would like to see the dividend/operating cost ratio changed to 80/20.  The team would have a smaller cut, but I believe this would attract more players and increase token price in the long run as people see better ROI’s.

The Verdict:

I’ve played nearly all of the new gambling dapps on EOS and EOS Crash is the most entertaining one I’ve come across.  This fun factor is what’s going to separate the pump and dump clones from the successful virtual casinos.  There are a lot of choices if you choose to gamble with EOS, developers need to innovate and release quality dapps if they want to gain marketshare from competitors.  The market will decide the winners, but if I was a betting man I would bet that EOS Crash will be one of them.


EOS Crash Whitepaper –  https://eoscrash.app/#whitepaper

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