Chip in my head, mark of the

beast; no way. You can’t turn me off, I’ve got EOS!!!”…

Thanks to EOS they can’t turn me off.

These days we have options. “The chip in the head” is so passe. If your like me, your over getting the chip replaced after the airport scanner fried it on your way to Denver. Now your stuck, no chip, no money, no direct mind link to cyberspace. What’s a kid to do?

I ain’t no spring chicken, I’ve learned, evolved with the times. Those days are over. Now my EOS mindflowsalot (TM) account allows for recognized personal payment gesturing crytographically secured on the blockchain. Because, nobody winks like me. And if they’ve got an EOS “mugsalot” (TM)

cam, or even if they don’t, EOS network triangulates my being through my body’s inference among that wifi pollution. With a thought , I choose to be an anonymous paying stranger here, or the known wealthy business man that I am, over there. I instantly tweek my purchases with my unique A.I. recognizeable air swipes and have the goods delivered by revealing my address with a curl of a pinky finger. Honestly, a cell phone?. All my clothes have EOS “ringsalot” (TM) smartshirt technology. My voice is heard loud and clear. The timbre of uttering “I’m Hungry” instantly takes me to the nearest Chipotle or In and Out Burger, or, automatically orders a pesto pineapple & pepporonie pizza delivered even though my electricity bill is late; because thats what I’d do anyway.

I am immutable!!!

Blockchain, the power to ensure freedom, and enslave.

Because I desperately want to quit my day job,

EOS Donations gladly accepted here:

Account name : freedomtrain

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