So all of us need information. I remember finding valuable information and links on sites like Steemit and Reddit.

So much to keep up with and these EOS crypto speed days have been faster and faster with info.

Where do we find time to keep up with all the news, videos, updates, releases and info on airdrops.

I will share mainly youtube links here with plenty of resources, names, videos and if you dig through the info you can find sites that I think people can take advantage of.  Plenty of resources to telegram channels, news articles, airdrop resources and more if you take time and dig.

Enjoy and also share some links in the comments as well for the community.


EOS Weekly – Great info about updates and all mainnet news that is very clear and straight to the point. Great one stop source.if you dont have time to always be reading or watching videos.

Investing With A Difference (IWAD) – Since the start this channel has always had precise info about airdrops and dapps news. He has a great series with BP interviews and also other interviews he conducts on the side. Always a great resource.

ICO Alert (Everything EOS Episodes) – This is an amazing show so far, they have an Everything EOS podcast running for a while now and are always giving great information about updates and insider information only Rob Finch would know from Cypherglass BP.

Trybe TV – Always great interviews especially rare unknown interviews go by this channel, keep up to date on this one!

Happy Money Man – A great resource for exclusive interviews with main figures in the block chain space. Not only EOS info but alott of side discussions about other tech innovations.

Colin Talks Crypto – Mega EOS updates is all I can say, always on point with updating our community.

EOS Apologist – Now this channel and youtuber tends to be one of the best video producers I have seen with some extensive knowledge about connecting EOS to real world problems and gets very deep. His comparisons and up to date knowledge and comparisons are one of a kind. Check out the videos and watch closely with time.

Crypto Feez –  This guy right here is the most laid back funny tripped out dude on youtube. He might seem a little off in the beginning but once you analyze what feez is saying he gets deep and can carry an extensive conversation about EOS when hes not playing his music and smoking a new vape! Great unique style and views!

Dallas Rushing – Very compact and straight to the point information since day one. Dallas always presents unique questions to make you think and ideas. Always on point with EOS info and KARMA!

Wickedly Crypto -This girl is always on point with the AIRDROP information. She is my main resource for any missed airdrops and unique info, always on point before airdrop goes live.

EOSGo – This was a HUGE channel right around the main net launch days and had amazing interviews and live updates about the launch. All the videos are still there and I suggest you review them if you are new to EOS after the main net launched.

The Crypto Type – Very unique views and ideas from this guy – He is always on point with the airdrops and always gives his insights to what he thinks of EOS.

Crypto Dunker– The EOS Times! Great channel since day one. Young Kid very informative!

EOS San Diego – Mr Kent from the challenge dapp always with his nightly videos!

CypherGlass – BP and a great one!

Costa Crypto – Always some unique exclusive videos before mainstream gets the info, very few views that deserve more.

CryptoMoneyLife – All great general info on crypto AND eos

Beyond Bitcoin – EOS and BitShares INFO!

CryptoTim – Mainly Focuses on EOS now. Good Guy

Dappcast – Great Dapp creator interviews for now!

GenerEos -BP with one of the best wallet interfaces and high tech

The Crypto Lark – All great general info on crypto

The CryptoVerse – All great general info on crypto

Nsjames – Scatter creator!

The Awakenment – EOS BP info

DataDash – All great general info on crypto!

CoinMastery – Tech and fundamental views on bitcoin!

Crypto Tips – All great general info on crypto

Bitcoin Ben – All great general info on crypto

Arcane Bear – All great general info on crypto

The Anarchast – Conspiracy theories and facts!

Crypt0 – All great general info on crypto

Jose Arteaga – Funny great guy with so many scatter thoughts and view and is always in a great mood. Check him out daily!

Crypto Blood – All great general info on crypto

World Crypto Network -BITCOIN!

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