Just a hint of green candles makes you, or at least me, go buy a 3 litre of red wine, do some yoga and all of a sudden my blood pressure is at 9 month lows. And I thought it would be fun to take a look at how EOS Dapps, now that we have some, are doing against the ETH Dapps.

Let’s start with ETH


Users 24h: 1,767, Volume 24h: 4,825 ETH

Idex is a decentralised exchange. It’s quite good, and it has some users and volume. But you know…it is really true when people say we are still early. The most popular Dapp on the biggest protocol Ethereum has a little over one THOUSAND people using it every day..in the entire world. Think about those numbers.


Users 24h: 1,104, Volume 24h: 1,365 ETH

Ah..do you remember the days of Etherdelta? It’s hardly a year ago, but in crypto years it’s ten. Ah..those were the days..you had no idea what you were doing and all of a sudden someone stole all your shitcoins. ForkDelta is a fork of Etherdelta..Let’s move on.


Users 24h: 521, Volume 25,58 ETH

Welcome to blockchain development. Your ICO is over, hype is drying up. Take the private keys, drain everything.

Speak for yourself Ethereum!

Now, let’s move over to EOS


Users 24h: 922, Volume24h: 877 EOS

EOSknights is the first real playable game with some actual gameplay. The graphic is generic and pointless really, and it’s mostly about spending some EOS to get as deep into the game as possible and get valuable minerals and stuff that you can sell or create items that you wear or sell. But, even though it is simple, it is an actual game, and it is fun and addictive. We all know that better games are coming soon.


Users24h: 510, Volume24h: 483 .

Volume 7d.. 4 MILLION EOS. What? Are people gambling away all their EOS? I tried this game and lost 2 EOS. That was enough for me. But it just goes to show that this space is still mostly immature nineteen year old gamblers.


Users24h: 234, Volume24h: 305

Not a game yet, just buy wizards, dress them up and try to sell them for more than you bought them for. Now they have DCC which is a formula of how good the Wizards are going to be in battle. When battles? Soon they said. But I’m still hodling my 35 wizards!

Thanks to Dappradar for providing the stats


Eth is still in the lead with their decentralised exchanges and games. Cryptokitties and Ethermon is down to 4-500 users and respectively 586 and 21 ETH in 24h vol.

There is still mostly Dapps for exchanges, games and gambling. Does crypto currencies and decentralised applications not serve other functions? I think they do. But it’s quite natural that games and gambling comes first. I’m not a computer expert, but what came first when the Internet first became a common thing? Blogging, games and porn. We have blogging and we just got games. When porn? Very soon I guess. And as blogging platforms develop and evolve and games innovate and experiment with games running directly ON chains or off chains with crypto currency driven marketplaces – people will slowly realise the potential for other types of decentralised applications.

But, I don’t think we should underestimate gaming. I’ve been saying this for so long. Blockhain and crypto currency WILL 99% guaranteed change gaming. And gaming is for everyone these days. It’s an incredibly huge market, and in the future VR, augmented reality, and possibly even crazier things will be where people spend most of their time.

So I’m all over gaming right now. And I really don’t care which platform it is on. If it works, I will write about it. I’m not only here to schill EOS. If Steemmonster and Chibera blows up I’m all over it.

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  1. magpie

    Ethereum dapps are mianly pointless, or a brief hyped distraction, like Cryptokitties or Fomo3D. The ones that will probably stand the test of time are trading dapps, like Airswap or some DEXs like Idex, or perhaps marketplaces for goods/services.

    I’m assuming that EOS will also create its fair share of pointless/breif hype dapps in time, but if the devs and concept are good, there is no reason why they can’t come up with a Cryptokitties.

    However, I think in short term EOS’s best shot at a killer dapp will be a Steemit clone. Steemit is the most used dapp in the cryptosphere, but has a load of problems, mainly with distribution and whale domination, poor quality content, etc. Ethereum cannot by the nature of design make a nice social media platform, due to the way gas functions, no-one wants to pay for each post or like, or wait for long times when network is congested or being spammed. I’ve seen some projects like Akasha in development for ages, and they still can’t produce anything that doesnt make u want to tear your hair out! Peepeth is quite interesting, but I still don’t think its best suited to Ethereum…

    On a side note, its fair to say that interest in dapps is just not there. Centralized apps work much better, have less friction, no learning curve, established user bases. Getting someone to switch from Upwork to a site like Blocklancer is a massive challenge. The vast majority of people don’t really care how their data is used, as long as they have convenience, and utility and/or enjoyment from the app. Until this changes, or more likely, until dapps underpinned by DLT manage to abstract the blockchain hoops and frictions, then we won’t be seeing anything with millions of users…

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Good comment! Thanks

      I’m not quite as pessimistic. I agree that we need seamlessness and feelessness and easy account creation etc – everything all ready possible on EOS. And it will only get easier (Seen the Lynx wallet on mobile yet? Incredible)

      And gaming is TRULY an industry that is a great candidate for being disrupted and blockchain and crypto will do this I think. Big time.