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Two For One

@eoscanada put together a super handy tool that combines some of the most common uses of the cleos and keosd applications into one package. In fact, @eoscanada have labeled eosc a ‘command-line swiss-knife’ for EOS; hardcore command-line users, however, should stay with cleos. To perform any useful actions with cleos, you must also have keosd running as a daemon too which is a bit of a pain, to be honest, but very simple to do.

Regardless of the effort level required, people nowadays demand simplicity otherwise they tend to look elsewhere, this is where the eosc tool comes in handy, (even my mother could use it). eosc is also an excellent choice for automating tasks that the EOS community wants you to do daily. Voting for Block producers is an essential part of community participation, and if you have not setup a proxy to vote for you, it is in your best interest to vote every day. With a simple cron job configured, you could execute the eosc command at predefined times, leaving you to only enter your password.

One Time Vault Setup.

You will need to perform one ‘configuration ‘ step before you can start to send actions to the blockchain, you need to create a vault that holds your keys. The command to do this is :

eosc vault create –import

You will then be prompted to paste in one more private keys, each time you paste in a private key, it will display the corresponding public key for it. Next, enter a passphrase to access your new vault and that is it, you are done.


There really is not a lot to say here, the command is so simple that it does not need explaining, but here it is:

eosc vote producers myaccount bp1 bp2 bpn

Of course, change ‘myacount’ with your account and change bp1-n with the accounts of the block producers you want to vote for. This is a pain to do, but once you have it done, copy and paste it ready to use in a script.

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    Having considered all details of the project, it becomes obvious that this is the work of professionals. Now I am reviewing my assets with a view to joining this ICO.
    I wish everyone here to consider their chance

  2. Irina

    The project struck me, that’s what the work of professionals means.
    I’m glad that there are still real men who can create something great.
    I like the project, I’m going to invest in it.