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Since some days the FINDEX exchange is also available as a desktop version. As always mentioned, when looking at new exchanges, you have to be extremely careful as the prices will be far off the real market price.

The exchange functionality is, as of today, very basic. Convenience features like a copy of clicked price from order list in “buy” and “sell” price is not existing, also the very convenient up and down errors for prices are missing. A scale to select the number of tokens to sell is existing though.

All charts are, industry standard, supplied by tradingview. Nothing more to say here.

With 16 trading pairs, FINDEX is on a good way, compared to other exchanges that are offering a far lower amount. From this perspective, chances of adoption are good if volume arrives, soon.

There is no order history available as of yet for market trades, which really hurts also now history for own trades. You may argue that, as it is a decentralized exchange (DEX) this should not be there. To track your orders this is very helpful though.

Findex has recently confirmed, that order history information is generally available within backend databases. They are evaluating the best way to integrate this data into the Frontend, soon.

I have also found a bug/unfortunate function within the order book since there is no column for the token name, so orders for two different tokens are displayed an the amount of the same token. (see image showing ADD for two different ones)

Exchange Type: Decentralized Exchange
Login: Scatter
Min. Order: 0.1 EOS
Fees: None



Trade volumes are a massive issue with the majority of exchanges at the moment. The overall trading volume is too low and prices are set by few expert traders waiting for others to pay x10 of the regular price of other exchanges. As these are mostly decentralized exchanges, the concept of market makers would not apply but help for now.

Findex has been integrated to Meet.One and TokenPoket but also there the volumes are not high enough to support trading at realistic prices and relevant quantities.

Findex has, therefore, made the right step to introduce the desktop exchange now. As a first pitch, this is doing OK, it needs to be proven how fast new functions are added. For now, it is a working DEX but requires some more work to get closer to the recent releases.

Looking forward to your comments! Please let me know if you identify a new exchange you would love to see covered. More daily updates can be found on Twitter: or follow

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