Today I want to talk about two great initiatives that have been pushing the boundaries of gaming in EOS. This morning I was watching the podcast from Ivan on Tech where he talked about Fortnite using blockchain and why it wasn’t on the companies best interest to work with crypto tokens. In it he describe that most of the goals are focused on entertainment more than building and economic model.

For the longest I have been thinking and discussing about how these games are hardly games, and just a copy of each other. Ever since the Crypto Kitties I have seen clone after clone of the same iteration of the games. From SteemMonster, to 0xUniverse. It really offers little to no real enterntainment except for the rush of stroking the greed on what Ivan called, open pyramid schemes. Just like most pyramids the prime members get stupid rich while the derivatives cost less and less making it pretty pyramidic to me.

For the longest I have been trying to track the gaming and crypto world, from the VR worlds of Voxelus which never got off the ground or the Bitcoin based games like Spells of Genesis. However I think that at this point, most of these economic models are somewhat forced on the player and most of the players get more focused on either earning money than being entertained.

So where is the fun?


These token exchange with 0 gameplay doesnt make it very exciting, I think the future should be more focused on the game than focused on the economics. Otherwise we will just harvest sucky games which can make you loose a lot of money on useless crap.

So first thing is not to have the latest and greatest game take crypto, lets just get a game I can control. So being able to play e-Sports for a bucket of crypto would be fun to get my friends in a man cave and get paid while doing it. Just like any poker game with the guys.

Of course it would be more awesome if instead of poker is an actual 25 hit combo from Street Fighter, or an Open Arena like game with some crypto laying around the crates, for the final price of beating someone else and taking his coins.

I think that the MMORPG open source games like Ryzom, or even the air guitar game like Frets On Fire could be another great game to have it collecting some of these cryptos.

Think about it, even great worlds could have ICOs that will allow you to play and generate from the servers around the world holding tournaments and having the DAO pay for the servers from all the interactions on the network. Just like steemit, people can ‘buy’ their way into these micro tournaments or open guilds will amass treasuries campaigns to fight for.

This is when you will get a more exciting economy, more than just the russian roulet type games. The network is the entertainment and the strenghth of these games. I think that in the future we can get some of these done thanks to Dapps like BitJoy, or Loom.

What are your thoughts? What you think is missing right now from the crypto gaming scene. Am I just old and have overlooked other games that already have all the things I mentioned?

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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    I also would love to see real game being deployed on the blockchain. Games like cryptokitties and Steemonster are first mover. Since blockchain tech at it current stage won’t provide gaming experience like existing technology would. It is necessary to provide an incentive mechanism to attract gamers. Reason why I think Cryptokitties and Steemonster have a major role to play.

    1. JZA Post author

      Yeah, I hope the gaming part evolves fast specially some of the open source games already available that could be re-engineer to do blockchain-based transactions, and the whole ‘tournafication’ of them so there are competition for crypto prices.