What an excellent week for EOS! There are so many positive things going on right now. First of all let’s have a look of some news about EOS.

Great news

London Hackhaton event is coming. Dan Larimer mentioned how big stuff is planned for London! EOS Hackathon: London Sat, Sep 22, 2018 

Worbli airdrop coming to EOS holders. Snapshot for 1 Billion Airdrop: 7th September

New games running to EOS platform. Monster EOS partners with Vertex studios. EOS Dapp store coming soon via Lynx.

Dan Larimer published an article how to prevent unexpected RAM consumption and announced his solutions. 

DEX launching! It’s a fully decentralized exchange (true DEX) built on EOS. EOS renting resources coming. Creating EOS account is easier and cheaper. New projects switching from the alternitive platforms to EOS.

EOS price rising at this moment

If we look at the coinmarketcap: we can see that EOS has the biggest price increase among the top 80 altcoins (at this time of writing) For further growth it also depends how bitcoin is going to react.


Dan Larimer’s Announcements (29th Aug)


Dan Larimer has announced increase of CPU bandwith per token!

What is wasm interpreter? It’s the engine that runs smart contract. Dan is also working on decreasing RAM requirenment for each account. From 4kb  to 1.5kb!  Someone asked how is the b1 Dex doing. Dan responded: “fantastic”. He mentioned that it will be the most advanced exchange and smart contract ever! ETA? It already passed all tests and replays main and jungle.

Another interesting question: What will be done with spam “We love BM” from the blocktwitter account? It uses a lot of CPU resources. People want to play EOS Knights with 10 EOS CPU stake. Not with 500 EOSCPU stake. Dan’s response was that greylisting will throttle it to their guaranteed bandwidth. When? It’s up to producers. Will the eos DEX have an EOS pool?  So that users don’t need to hold eos to use it? Yes! That’s  what REX is for, Dan said.

Trybe (EOS)

Trybe, a new social media on EOS is growing fast. Many of the EOS members came to Trybe. Some of them create excellent articles. The others are helping to spread them to the crypto communities. Majority of them are EOS fans. So they are well informed about EOS and cryptos. Now everyone has opportunity to write  about cypto related news, about great EOS news and so  more positive news are spreading faster than ever.

Trybe is spreading faster than ever. It’s a new site, but it’s already ranked at 69,515th place in USA. Anybody can join Trybe and has opportunity to make an article about crypto topics, EOS and spread the news to the crypto world. This is still in beta version. We can expect many upgrades from Trybe. Last week there were only 30% visitors from the United States. This week the number has increased to 41.3%! We got a nice growth from Australia too.

I think that there is many good news for EOS Community and i think we just started!

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